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Fish Tech | Ziphius: The Aquatic Drone

This project was funded on Kickstarter with the last year and has drawn the attention of a few gadget magazines including, Engadget (here).  The retail price tag is only $199, which makes this one of the most affordable quality drones on the market.  I cant wait to get my hands on one of these to film salmon swimming in the set.  Check out the site:

Fish Tech | TrollPro

This is a great idea! I wonder if it’s possible to get a live feed from the camera? Make sure to check out for ordering.

Welcome to TrollPro®

After nearly two and a half years of development and testing, the patented TrollPro® Underwater Marine Video Housing for the GoPro™ HD Hero video camera is here! Already a proven hit at the 2013 ICAST Show, Canyon Runner Seminars, major Television Fishing Shows, marine research activities, Wildlife and Adventure documentaries as well as major Fishing Tournaments worldwide,these housings are the deal! Now being used in over 35 Countries and top fishing destinations Worldwide! This accessory provides a stable platform and trolls from 3 to 10+ knots with no turbulence to interfere with your videos. Run it alone in your fishing spread, run it along with your Teaser or Dredge Teaser or you can also drop the TrollPro® straight down while fighting the fish to capture the battle underwater. Let your imagination run wild. The TrollPro® patented housing is compatible with the GoPro™ HD Hero, HD Hero2, HD Hero3, and the new HD Hero3+ cameras.


Fishing For Apps | MyNOAACharts (Beta)

Photo May 30, 9 20 45 PM

NOAA has just released an Android only beta version of MyNOAACharts, which displays nearly 5000 charts that are available for offline use.  Currently the app allows for GPS positioning and charts can easily be downloaded by region.  Unfortunately, the charts can be a hefty download, so Wifi is suggested for initial downloading.  The app also includes 8 editions of Coastal Pilot, which offers additional navigation information that is hard to relay on charts.  This app is a huge step forward for tablet navigation on various kinds of vessels.  At this point, the charts are meant for reference only, but this is a huge blow to many app competitors that offer the same information for large price tags.  The app is likely to span out to other platforms; such as, iOS in the future.  If you would like to try the app for yourself and offer beta testing, check out the Google Play store here.

My early assessment of the app is totally positive.  The charts load perfectly on my Nexus 7 and the built-in GPS is very accurate.  This app is a great accompaniment  to the physical charts and the Coastal Pilot addition is priceless.  This is a must have app for any Android  user that travels by sea.  I can’t wait for the iOS version.  The price tag doesn’t hurt, either!  Enjoy!


Fish Tech | Best Media Center For The Boat

The WD TV Live Hub is a great solution for a simple media center on your vessel. Not only does it stream content to devices like tablets or smartphones, it also has 1 gigabyte on internal memory for storing all of your downloaded media. The WDTV has a straight forward user interface that is easy to use and it quickly handles any format of video or audio that you make have in your collection. The device is compatible with any HDMI TV and the setup is simple, just plug in a hard drive full of movies or music and the WDTV will scan the hard drive. There are three additional USB ports for extra input, too. Now you have a sweet media center to play movies and music in your galley.

To stream the video, you need a router to broadcast WIFI across the boat. WikiHow Router Setup. Once the router is up and running, plug in the WDTV via ethernet and your media will be easily available to any other computer or devices on the same network. Check here for mobile apps that will work with iOS and Android.

NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 Wireless router - ...


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NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 Wireless router – …

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<b>WD TV</b> Live Hub Digital multimedia receiver


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WD TV Live Hub Digital multimedia receiver

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Fish Tech | Wireless Wheelhouse

Are you tired of huge monitors and wires blocking the view in your tophouse? Marine navigation hardware and software continues to evolve in our fast paced tech world. These days, it’s no longer necessary to have a super expensive computer in the wheelhouse just to run navigation software. The popularity of highly capable tablets now allows the ability to navigate on the cheap! First of all, you need a GPS that is capable of broadcasting the NEMA data to your tablet of choice. The cheapest solution is from, which offers the GPS 2200 for 170 bucks. This device has the ability to connect wirelessly viaBluetooth to your tablet of choice. Luckliy, there’s an app for that! Navigation software is available for both Apple and Android devices. Some popular apps are Navionics, Garmin Bluecharts, and iNavX. has a great breakdown on all the best apps here. This may not be a solution for the larger trawling and crabbing vessels, but this set up is perfect for a smaller vessels crusing thru southeast Alaska. Add in a LIfeProof iPad case and you have a perfect solution to all conditions weatherproofing. Overall, this is the cheapest solution I have seen for mobile marine navigation. Your shopping list:

  1. <b>Bad Elf</b> BE-<b>GPS</b>-2200 <b>GPS Pro</b> Bluetooth Data Logger
    from 25+ stores

    Bad Elf BE-GPS-2200 GPS Pro Bluetooth Data Logger

    GPS Pro Bluetooth Data Logger Feature rich wirelessGPS receiver and tracker. Features: LCD Display for Status Monitoring High Performance True GPSReceiver and Antenna …
    1. <b>Apple iPad 2</b> 16GB with Wi-Fi Refurbished (Black)

      Apple iPad 2 16GB with Wi-Fi Refurbished (Black)

      The all-new thinner and lighter design makes the Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi (Black, 16GB) even more comfortable to hold. The Refurbished Apple iPad 2 is even more powerful with …
      1. <b>LifeProof</b> 1135 Lifejacket Float for <b>iPad</b> 2 / 3 / 4 Nuud Case
        from 5+ stores

        LifeProof 1135 Lifejacket Float for iPad 2 / 3 / 4 Nuud Case

        Designed for use with your nuud case for iPad, the Lifejacket ensures your iPad floats. The Lifejack

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      2. iNavX Marine Navigation for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the…

        from 423 users

        Apr 23, 2013 – iNavX Marine Navigation. By GPSNavX. View More By This Developer. Open iTunes to buy and download apps.

Fish Tech | Aquabotix Underwater Drone

Every fishermen wishes he could see under surface of the water.  Now, with the Aquabotix HydroView, fishermen can peak below the big blue and get a true fish-eye view of all the action below.

Photo Feb 14, 11 40 00 PM



The HydroView is a remote controlled underwater vehicle that can record live video and capture photos in HD. Driving with our innovative iPad or laptop applications, you can fly the HydroView through the water viewing the live video feed as if you were under the water yourself.

The HydroView, a mini remote operated vehicle (ROV), includes the following:

LED lights, HD camera, Standard 75 foot cable, Waterproof carrying case, Topside box which generates its own Wi-Fi, free download of the application to use on your iPad, PC or MAC computer


HydroView is the easiest ROV on the market to drive. Use the motion control feature on your iPad or keyboard controls on your laptop and the vehicle will respond in the appropriate direction. You can watch the HD video feed to perform inspections or explorations. Also, record the video to share with others or report important findings. In addition, there is no formal training required.


The backpack sized HydroView can easily be stored on your boat or in a response vehicle. Its compact design also allows the vehicle to fit in small access locations.


Why waste time and money to hire a diver when something under the water goes wrong? With this mini ROV, you can instantly inspect, evaluate and anticipate future problems you or your customers may encounter.


Fish Tech | Drive Your Boat With the Garmin Quatix Watch!

Quatix combines the most crucial marine features and provides both comprehensive navigation and sailing capabilities while integrating Garmin‘s industry-leading GPS technology and user-friendly interface. Quatix allows mariners the freedom to enjoy the open waters while having the most important boating information on their wrist.

Photo Jan 22, 9 20 23 PM




Fish Tech | Waterproof Gadgets 2012

Let’s face it! Weither you are a fisherman or not, its likely that at least one of your gadget’s fate has suffered from harsh weather conditions or just plain water submersion. Luckily, gadgets are evolving and weatherproofing is becoming common in many different phones, cameras and tablets. The holiday season is just around the corner, so here are a few gadgets that will survive nature’s fury.

Photo Dec 03, 10 57 32 PM



Nope! The iPhone is not waterproof. However, a few cases offer true waterproof protection to Apple’s flagship phone. Lifeproof leads the pack with durable truly waterproof iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 cases. The company has also just released cases for the ipad too. A few other companies, like Otterbox have waterproof cases, but LifeProof reigns supreme. iPhone 4 cases are selling for about 60 bucks online.

Kyocera Hydro

Another great entry into the waterproof smart phone world is the Kyocera Hydro. This Android powered phone is available from Boost Mobile as a prepaid device. So, its easy to buy one of these online and get started right away. This is one of the few models that supports being fully submerged on water up to one meter. The Hydro is also super easy on the wallet, the phone costs just under 100 bucks.

Motorola Defy

ACS Alaska offers up the Motorola Defy for $99.99 with a two-year enslavement/contract. The Defy advocates its water resistance and durable build as its major selling points. Gorilla Glass protects the front from scratches and the entire device is shockproof and dustproof. This is a pretty standard smart phone and only supports android 2.1, which is a considerable disappointment to anyone who has used higher versions of the Android operating system.

Samsung Rugby Pro

AT&T has a popular line of durable phones developed by Samsung. The Rugby Pro is available for $99.99, with a two-year contract. Samsung has recently made a huge impact on the smart phone market with the Galaxy line of phones. The Rugby Pro delivers powerful specs balanced with military grade durability and water resistance. Of the phones mentioned above, this model is the best bang for the buck.