Fish Tech | Furuno Navnet TZTouch

The advent of the iPad is changing the face of boat gadgetry forever. Furuno steps up to the challenge with the NavNet TZTouch. With its multitouch interface and built in wireless capabilities, NavNet has the ability to incorporate numerous devices.  Basically, one unit can display every piece of boat tech you can throw at it.  AIS, Radar, Sirius Weather, autopilot, GPS, and even a fish finder are all supported in a sleek touch screen interface.  The unit also sports a rotory knob for navigation on nautical days at sea. Don’t forget to bring your iPhone or iPad, either. Specialized IOS apps provide wireless access to all of the TZTouch features, as well.  So far, it sounds like a must have boat device, right?  Well, it’s pretty pricey.  How about 6,000 bucks?  At this price point, it will remain in the yacht world for now, but the NavNet is the future and sooner than later, we will see this tech in the commercial fishing industry.  Make sure to check out the video to see the device in action.


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