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It’s that time again.  Every Fall, the glorious state of Alaska hands out a nice chunk of cash to all of the sun deprived locals.  The Costco in Juneau already shows signs of huge TVs flying out the door.  So… What are the best deals that we Alaskans can find this fall?


This thing is like a Macbook Pro at half the price.  Make sure to check out techbargains.  The really hot item this year is anything Apple.  The “Ultraportable” is the new concept in computer design.  Basically, copy the Macbook Air.  Check out iHackintosh to turn your cheap PC into a Mac with just one disk.


These days, a TV is not just a TV.  Now, we have HDMI, 1080p, Wifi Streaming, and even internet apps.  Wow!  Well, here it the best deal going at Costco that has all of those things and at a really nice price tag.


Why settle for 42″ when you can Have 104″?  This is, by far, the best portable projector on the market.  Its even 3D ready.  Check out all the specs.  This one is hot right now.  Portable projectors are coming on strong.  Just imagine carrying your big screen TV in your pocket.


ACS is offering a great Mifi deal with all new mobile internet purchases.  Also the lastest in Android phones are up for grabs too.  The iphone 4 is going to be hard to beat for 99$.  ATT has great service, but ACS will be the first to go mobile broadband in the southeast region.  Tough choice.

I’ll update the article as the month goes on.  Enjoy your dividend everyone and be responsible.  Look before you leap on those tech purchases.

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