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Are you tired of huge monitors and wires blocking the view in your tophouse? Marine navigation hardware and software continues to evolve in our fast paced tech world. These days, it’s no longer necessary to have a super expensive computer in the wheelhouse just to run navigation software. The popularity of highly capable tablets now allows the ability to navigate on the cheap! First of all, you need a GPS that is capable of broadcasting the NEMA data to your tablet of choice. The cheapest solution is from, which offers the GPS 2200 for 170 bucks. This device has the ability to connect wirelessly viaBluetooth to your tablet of choice. Luckliy, there’s an app for that! Navigation software is available for both Apple and Android devices. Some popular apps are Navionics, Garmin Bluecharts, and iNavX. has a great breakdown on all the best apps here. This may not be a solution for the larger trawling and crabbing vessels, but this set up is perfect for a smaller vessels crusing thru southeast Alaska. Add in a LIfeProof iPad case and you have a perfect solution to all conditions weatherproofing. Overall, this is the cheapest solution I have seen for mobile marine navigation. Your shopping list:

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