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Every fisherman wishes he could see under the surface of the water.  Now, with the Aquabotix HydroView, fishermen can peek below the big blue and get a true fish-eye view of all the action below.

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The HydroView is a remote controlled underwater vehicle that can record live video and capture photos in HD. Driving with our innovative iPad or laptop applications, you can fly the HydroView through the water viewing the live video feed as if you were under the water yourself.

The HydroView, a mini remote operated vehicle (ROV), includes the following:

LED lights, HD camera, Standard 75 foot cable, Waterproof carrying case, Topside box which generates its own Wi-Fi, free download of the application to use on your iPad, PC or MAC computer


HydroView is the easiest ROV on the market to drive. Use the motion control feature on your iPad or keyboard controls on your laptop and the vehicle will respond in the appropriate direction. You can watch the HD video feed to perform inspections or explorations. Also, record the video to share with others or report important findings. In addition, there is no formal training required.


The backpack-sized HydroView can easily be stored on your boat or in a response vehicle. Its compact design also allows the vehicle to fit in small access locations.


Why waste time and money to hire a diver when something under the water goes wrong? With this mini ROV, you can instantly inspect, evaluate and anticipate future problems you or your customers may encounter.


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