Fish Tech | The Fisherman Proof iPhone Case!

Countless cellphones have been lost to the sea or fallen victim to the harsh work environment of a fishing boat.  These waterproof cases may just save your fancy iPhone from “Davy Jones Locker.”  First of all, here is a nifty link from Cnet covering all of the toughest cases.  The primary issues are waterproofing and durability. So, LifeProof is the only waterproof case that I have officially used and it does live up to its waterproofing claims.  However, some loss of touch sensitivity is present.  Overall, this is a must have case for anyone on a boat.  The case is extremely thin and complements the iPhones design.  Also, the Magellan Toughcase claims full waterproofing abilities, but comes in at nearly 200 bucks.  Of course, you do get a extended battery and a suped up GPS antenna for that price.  I also found the EscapeCapsule by Catalyst, which is a Kickstarter company.  While not shipping until January, its still a really cool waterproof case.  Last but not least, is the Joy Factory’s Rain Ballet.  Its the cheapest of the waterproof cases and boasts its rugged duralbilty.  The choice is up to you.  Just remember, none of the cases come with any floatation devices.   Hmmm….  

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