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NOAA has just released an Android only beta version of MyNOAACharts, which displays nearly 5000 charts that are available for offline use.  Currently the app allows for GPS positioning and charts can easily be downloaded by region.  Unfortunately, the charts can be a hefty download, so Wifi is suggested for initial downloading.  The app also includes 8 editions of Coastal Pilot, which offers additional navigation information that is hard to relay on charts.  This app is a huge step forward for tablet navigation on various kinds of vessels.  At this point, the charts are meant for reference only, but this is a huge blow to many app competitors that offer the same information for large price tags.  The app is likely to span out to other platforms; such as, iOS in the future.  If you would like to try the app for yourself and offer beta testing, check out the Google Play store here.

My early assessment of the app is totally positive.  The charts load perfectly on my Nexus 7 and the built-in GPS is very accurate.  This app is a great accompaniment  to the physical charts and the Coastal Pilot addition is priceless.  This is a must have app for any Android  user that travels by sea.  I can’t wait for the iOS version.  The price tag doesn’t hurt, either!  Enjoy!

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