Fish Tech | NightHawk 4G/LTE ATT Hotspot

It’s time for Smart Boats and this fancy little router is the ideal and most affordable option. Not to mention, this litte device is getting tons of geek love across the internets. So, I decided to investigate. I found the device on Amazon, but the cell service plan is the real key. After a visit to ATT, this is what I found.

After clicking through the ATT site, I was able to get this price for an unlimited data plan and no annual contract. The device can also be added to your existing plan and there are cheaper data plans, but this is mostly a proof of concept of the best data plan I could find for instant internet satisfaction. Once this is all set up, it would be easy to monitor the boat with wireless webcams, smoke alarms, battery sensors, you name it. The Smart Boat has arrived.

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