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Alaska Commercial Fishing Viewpoints | El Salmon

I have a bunch of these Vines from throughout the summer, I’ll be re-posting them here and there.  If you are on vine, follow me @ juneautek.  How many kinds of salmon can you spot?

Alaska Commercial Fishing Viewpoints | F/V Quandary

Another salmon season is just around the corner!  I hope you enjoy the new Vine app from Twitter.  I will be highlighting different commercial fishing vessel over the upcoming season.

Commercial Fishing Viewpoints | F/V Boulder Bay

Dungy Crabbing off the west coast can be one of the deadliest jobs in the world. The small boats and big swell can be a really dangerous combination. The captain and crew of the Boulder Bay bring us along for the ride in Newport, Oregon as they prepare the boat for the season. The camera keeps rolling as the guys grind away hauling gear day and night. The vicious weather can shut down the fishery for weeks at a time, so hauling gear is non stop when conditions are favorable. This video shows a great perspective on a tough fishery. Kudos to the captain and crew for doing a great job with the video and staying safe.


American Fisherman | F/V Debra D | Boat Cribs

Jason Crosby, a  multi-generational fisherman and a mini media mogul has just released the newest video in his Youtube quiver.  He recently broke 1,000,000 hits on his youtube channel for the series, American Fishermen.   Here’s a link to his popular youtube page.  Make sure to check out his various videos from multiple fisheries.  Red War (jump) is a must see about Halibut fishing.  Bloody Hell, describes it best.  If that’s not enough, be sure to check out Jason and his family as they restore a classic fishing vessel,the F/VGenius in Gig Harbor.  Old boats can be a real headache and a huge expense.  Check in with Jason and crew at his GoFundMe page.  So, set back and enjoy the video.



Alaska Commercial Fishing Viewpoints | F/V Isis | Ketchikan Power Trollers

 Trollers generate some of the healthiest and freshest salmon in Southeast Alaska.  Pound for pound, it is the highest quality salmon the consumer can enjoy. The smaller vessel operations allow for great private marketing opportunities and the fishery is even open during the winter, which brings the opportunity of the cherished white King salmon.  Next time your thinking of fresh salmon in the winter, just realize that it’s possible in Southeast Alaska.  Rory and Marion Bifoss troll in the waters of southeast alaska near Ketchikan.  Check out the view from their office..

Alaska Commercial Fishing Viewpoints | F/V Loki

If traceability is the new trend in the seafood industry, then the F/V Loki and are who you should learning from.  Since 1980, the Loki Fish Company has been a pioneer at direct sales and private marketing techniques in the Northwest.  The vessel primarily focuses on salmon trolling and gillnetting in the waters of southeast Alaska.  Captain Pete Knuston also owns a Puget Sound permit for salmon fishing, which has allowed him the unique opportunity to sell fish directly from the docks at the Fishermen’s Terminal.  If you have ever since the fresh salmon sign as you go over the Ballard bridge, then the Loki Fish Company has done its job.  They have made quite an impression on the internet, too.  Please make sure to click through and see their snazzy website at  A friend of mine, “East Coast Jack,” had the adventure of a lifetime as a greenhorn aboard the vessel this past summer.  Its nice to see someone with so much experience is still willing to share that knowledge with fresh faces.  Overall, the F/V Loki should be a model for any fishermen.  The Loki Fish Company has it all, family, fish, and a future.   

Commercial Fishing Viewpoints | F/V Refuge

Commercial dungy crabbing is about to start in Oregon. Actually, pots are soaking at the time of this post. After a doubtful start concerning the weight and meat ratio, crabbers are now fetching the highest price ever at 2.30 a pound. Typically, this is one of the most dangerous gigs a fisherman can endure. Not only is it labor intensive, the weather conditions off the Oregon coast during the winter are less than favorable. A fellow crew member of mine made 100,000 dollars last season, so it’s well worth the sacrifice. Good luck out there to all the captains and crew who participate in this grueling fishery.

Commercial Fishing Viewpoints | F/V Ocean Angel II

After two banner years for market squid, The F/V Ocean Angel II is livin the dream off the California coast.  Check out their private market at DelMar Seafoods and get some fresh calimari on your dinner plates.

Once again Jason Crosby delivers a fishermen’s point of view to commercial squid fishing.