Fish Tech | What To See At Pacific Marine Expo 2012

The biggest commercial fishing trade show starts today in Seattle. Here are a few hot items to keep an eye out for on the show floor. This year, LEDs are constantly evolving with greater lumens that require only minimal energy. These little lights are like stocking stuffers for fishermen!  Another popular marine technology is AIS, which helps broadcast and transmit your vessel location to other marine traffic. AIS units are commonplace in large vessels, and it’s likely that all commercial fishing vessels will have these units in the future. So, it’s a great time to explore different AIS units and see what is best for your boat. Another gadget that was just appearing last year, was the personal AIS unit for man overboard rescues. These units can be attached to survival suits and broadcast MOB signal that surrounding vessels can see. The Kannad Marine Safelink is the first of its kind to offer individual AIS rescue solutions. Last, but not least, is FLIR. That’s right! Forward Looking Infrared Radar.  These devices offer the best night vision possible on a fishing vessel. You really need to play with one of these, to see if it will work for your operation. On long dark wheel watches, this technology could be a real lifesaver.  There is plenty more to see!  Besides, we know it’s about the people, not the gadgets!  Enjoy The show!

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