Garmin enters the emerging iPad app scene with a free app, which features in-app purchase for charts.  West coast charts are under 50 dollars, and are view able offline.  The iPad is slowly becoming a realistic alternative to cumbersome desktops.   


The long awaited Garmin BlueChart app has finally hit the streets. We were teased with a few screen shots back in February and promised the app this past summer. Well it was worth the wait. Garmin took their own sweet time and did it right. I have owned numerous Garmin products over the years and have never been disappointed. This app also delivers with a ton of awesome features.

If you have not downloaded it yet here is the link to the app in the iTunes Store.

Garmin has been advertising this app as a trip and planning tool and that is what they delivered. The list of features is extensive but there are some additional features that I wish it had. More on that later.


-Create, edit Waypoint name and symbol as water, land, hazard with custom colors

-Create and edit Routes

-Picture of saved Routes

-g2 marine Cartography

-In app purchases for charts and advanced weather

-Transfer routes and waypoints wirelessly to networked Garmin chartplotters

-Fuel usage calculations in routes

-Record Tracks

-Chart notes

-Celestial data, sunrise sunset, moonrise, moonset and phase

-Tide stations


-Active Captain user generated content points of interest

-Garmin points of interest

Weather conditions, dew point, temperatures, wind speed and direction, water temp, visibility, wave height and period

Grib files

-Premium weather in app purchase for radar and clouds $3.99

-Graphical measuring tool

-Shaded depth contours and inter-tidal zones

-Spot soundings

-Plan trips

-Radial menu dial

-Powerful search feature for BlueChart services and ActiveCaptain content

-Realtime GPS tracking

-External GPS capable

via i-Marine Apps: Garmin BlueChart Mobile Trip Planning App.


Written by JuneauTek

Commercial Fishing Along The Pacific West Coast


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