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Alaska Reality Wars | Selling Out Our High Seas And Distant Shores.

The vast expanse of the last frontier is quickly becoming the king of prime time television entertainment. There is another gold rush in Alaska and its attacking our screens with the ferocity of a Kodiak brown bear. There are over twenty reality TV shows currently airing on numerous cable networks that have some affiliation with Alaska. It’s easy to assume that Alaska is just plain awesome, right? Who wouldn’t want to film in the vast expanse of America’s most remote and majestic state? Perhaps, this all goes back to our favorite famous Alaskan. No one else has enticed and disappointed America with their Alaskan charm more than Sarah Palin. During her political stint in 2008, Palin instituted an Alaska film incentive program that could give up to 200 million bucks a year to prospective production companies that met the proper requirements. Lucky for us, her daughter, Britol Palin, received 360,000 dollars for her short lived reality show, which received some of the worse ratings ever. (Second, of course, to Hook, Line, And Sisters! Just Kidding.) Over 40 Alaskan reality shows have come and gone over the years, even Sarah had her own fleeting reality moments on TLC in the fall of 2010. A few of the older shows, like the Deadliest Catch, have managed to keep their integrity and expand their fan base. It fact, it’s constantly the most popular show on Discovery Channel. Newer reality shows, like Alaskan Bush People, are angering Alaskans with their lack of local knowledge and the sensational approach to even the most mundane situations. With the possibility of the Alaskan film incentives being discounted due to budget cuts, is this a reprieve for weathered Alaskan fishermen? Don’t count on it. Another 13 shows are listed to be in currently in production according to IMDB.

This “selling out” of our high seas and distant shores hits closer to home than I ever realized it could. Over the past months, I have been in negotiation with an unnamed reality production crew, which was interested in the Commercial Fishing Film Festival. Unfortunately, I can’t really mention too many details about the “proposed” reality show due to legal mumbo jumbo. Initially, I drank the “Hollywood Kool-Aid” and was profoundly inspired by the possibilities of this new found partnership. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had pretty much signed away any creative rights for “our” future project. Luckily, with a little back pedaling and stalling, I was able to back away from the deal. I instantly realized the unique quality of The Commercial Fishing Film Festival is in its raw independent nature. These are real fishermen, capturing real moments, with their own personal twist on their reality. Most of all, these voices and visions aren’t being stifled by some producer who knows absolutely nothing about Alaska or fishermen. If you are as disgusted of fake reality shows, tune into www.fishfilmfest.com for hundreds of commercial fishing videos uploaded by from various fishermen around the world.

It’s easy to understand the appeal of these “reality” shows. Adventure, discovery, and exploration are really at the heart of the American dream. Sadly, these ideals are being packaged by Hollywood and mass produced for prime time television at the cost of true Alaskans. Edge Of Alaska, really? Let’s hope that the redneck roundup of ridiculous reality shows finds a new land to tarnish. In the meantime… Have you seen the latest episode of Alaskan Bush People?

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Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Fox Cape Productions | Sizzle Reel


Its hard to make fishing look any better than this.  The video editing is super slick and every second screams of talent.  Alot of the footage is from Sierra Anderson, who has released some amazing edits of her fishing adventures.   This video is a collaboration between Blake Holmes Productions and Sierra’s Fox Cape Productions.  Make the leap to vimeo and you can see some of her past projects.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Humpynami Red Tide Limited Edition

In honor of the new ComFishFilmfest website, we themed a few prints of the Humpynami “Red Tide” T-shirts with the colors from the new website. Yes, you can get your hands on these T’s at the Pacific Marine Expo this coming week. We have limited numbers and we will be printing another round in different colors. The Humpynami concept is the brain child of Bob Poor and his artist friend Roger McKay did the layout. I used Aurora Projekt here in Juneau to print these limited editions up and we will have more to come in the next few weeks. If you were part of the incredible summer that we had last year, then you need a Humpynami T shirt. All proceeds go to the upcoming ComFishFilmFest “Pub Trawl” Film Tour, coming to a local bar near you. More details coming soon… Oh yeah, the website is up too, check out www.fishfilmfest.com to see our new digs. It’s not quite an official launch, but whoever reads this is welcomed. Sign up on the new website (sorry facebook sign on is a work in progress) and you might just win one of these T Shirts.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Tomahawk Chop

It's not uncommon for purse seine vessels to decorate their skiffs. This is the skiff from the F/V Pacific Bell, which commonly docks in Juneau, Alaska.

Southeast Salmon | Juneau’s Amalga Harbor Heats Up The Fleet


Salmon season is in full effect in southeast this year. With the lack of a serious pink run, chum salmon are the hot species this year. The southern chum run has been strong at Kendrick, while the northern chum scene has been invigorated by Amalga Harbor. It’s the first chance seiners have ever had to fish this area. Typically, it’s a DIPAC hatchery program operated by a bidding process for only a few boats.  Seiners will have one last chance to battle for Chum this Thursday.  It should be quite a show.  Good Luck, guys!


State of Things | JuneauTek Preseason Mode

I’ve made to Seattle to prepare the F/V Halcyon for the upcoming salmon season in Southeast Alaska. Basically, we have to repair the net, put a engine in the skiff and paint the boat. If everything goes according to plan, we should be ready to travel north by the end of the next week. We will be super busy in the coming days, so my blog traffic will subside. I will be doing #DockTalk updates though twitter @Juneautek and I will be posting all the recent news articles on www.facebook.com/BackDeckBlog. Feel free to post news articles that you find on the Facebook page, too. I’m stoked for an incredible summer. The salmon price is at its highest in years, and I can’t wait to get started. Make sure to check in with twitter and Facebook and I will keep the updates and photos coming. Stay tuned in… it’s gonna be a crazy summer. Look for a new post about southeast Alaska’s first girl skipper! Yep, girls kill fish, too!


PhotoWalk | Juneau Maritime Festival 2012

The Juneau Maritime Festival just turned three this past weekend.  The event was initially canceled the previous week, yet many locals and tourists  turned out for the free salmon!  That’s right!  Fresh FREE Sockeye salmon courtesy of Alaska Glacier Seafoods.  There were also various tours of local marine vessels and native traditional dancing.   Overall, it was a big success.  Enjoy the pics.

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Southeast Alaska Seiner Buyback | Update: NFMS Pass Fleet Consolidation

Update May 1st 2012:  The vote passed with a tally of 215 pro votes.  Although the bill was controversial, many fishermen are satisfied with the outcome.  The measure has some young fishermen scrambling for permits, which are speculated to reach as high as 200,000 dollars after the program.  Now that 150 permits are out of the mix, many fishermen speculate on the consequences of fishing violations, which could result in the loss of even more permits.  All the details will be fleshed out in the coming months.  Southeast Alaska Seining will never be the same.   It will be interesting to see how this fleet consolidation affects the fleet in the coming years.


The Southeast Alaska Buyback program is in full swing. In fact, the final vote is due on April 30th. Unfortunately, because of the constraints of certified mail, some permit owners haven’t had the chance to vote. SEAS is currently in the process of contacting all the permit holders and looking for viable solutions to the voting process. Anyone looking to get their hands on a ballot need to react quickly. Here is the number for SEAS, 9077238267. Please direct all questions to this number. For more details on the Buyback, please check out www.seiners.net. This will forever change the landscape of seining in Southeast Alaska, please be informed when casting your vote.