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I’ve made to Seattle to prepare the F/V Halcyon for the upcoming salmon season in Southeast Alaska. Basically, we have to repair the net, put a engine in the skiff and paint the boat. If everything goes according to plan, we should be ready to travel north by the end of the next week. We will be super busy in the coming days, so my blog traffic will subside. I will be doing #DockTalk updates though twitter @Juneautek and I will be posting all the recent news articles on Feel free to post news articles that you find on the Facebook page, too. I’m stoked for an incredible summer. The salmon price is at its highest in years, and I can’t wait to get started. Make sure to check in with twitter and Facebook and I will keep the updates and photos coming. Stay tuned in… it’s gonna be a crazy summer. Look for a new post about southeast Alaska’s first girl skipper! Yep, girls kill fish, too!



  1. Unless you mean: 1st SEAK woman seining skipper, I thought you should know that there is a pretty badass lady, Harriet Wadley, she has the Vulcan. She’s been a skipper about 20 years or so.. She is a highly reputable diver in AK & WA as well (meaning, she makes dudes look bad!)

    I found an article describing some of her work diving with her boyfriend, the Mayor of Craig, AK as her tender.. Just in case you want to check my references. 🙂 I could get more history on her too!

    BTW, Still routing for Hollis, just had to let it be known..

  2. Hey, thanks for the info! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her. I hope I get the chance. It sounds like a great story.

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