Southeast Alaska Seiner Buyback | Update: NFMS Pass Fleet Consolidation

Update May 1st 2012:  The vote passed with a tally of 215 pro votes.  Although the bill was controversial, many fishermen are satisfied with the outcome.  The measure has some young fishermen scrambling for permits, which are speculated to reach as high as 200,000 dollars after the program.  Now that 150 permits are out of the mix, many fishermen speculate on the consequences of fishing violations, which could result in the loss of even more permits.  All the details will be fleshed out in the coming months.  Southeast Alaska Seining will never be the same.   It will be interesting to see how this fleet consolidation affects the fleet in the coming years.


The Southeast Alaska Buyback program is in full swing. In fact, the final vote is due on April 30th. Unfortunately, because of the constraints of certified mail, some permit owners haven’t had the chance to vote. SEAS is currently in the process of contacting all the permit holders and looking for viable solutions to the voting process. Anyone looking to get their hands on a ballot need to react quickly. Here is the number for SEAS, 9077238267. Please direct all questions to this number. For more details on the Buyback, please check out This will forever change the landscape of seining in Southeast Alaska, please be informed when casting your vote.


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