North to Alaska.

The trip north was super smooth this year.  The weather was a bit bumpy as we crossed Dixon Entrance.  Otherwise, the trip was spectacular.  We had a fair amount of sunshine and no hang ups along the way.  All in all, I would say that it was a successful trip.  Here’s a great video from the trip north last year.  The time lapse turned out great.  I was able to put the final touches on the video from last season, so expect it in the coming days.  Here is a trailer for the upcoming video.  I’m currently heading out to fish now.  Thank you ATT for 3G.


  1. Glad you had such a good trip! Seems like everyone I’ve talked to had an exceptionally smooth voyage – just a brief bit of getting tossed across Dixon for us. Until proven otherwise, I’m taking it all as a good omen for the season ahead… Hope it works out that way for you guys, too!

  2. All is good. The prices are at the best they have been in years. I think its going to be one hell of a season. Maybe we will see you up there. Good luck out there and stay safe.

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