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Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Net Working In Sitka

Photo May 20, 1 46 13 PM


Captains and crews are racing towards another salmon season in Alaska.  In just a matter of weeks, salmon will be pouring over the rails of seiners throughout southeast Alaska.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Bag Rollin |Ustream 2013

While fishing outside of Sitka this summer we had 4G cell service so, I recorded a huge LIVE stream of our fishing day.  Here is a nice highlight from the day of a big bag rolling aboard.  To see more ustream video from salmon and herring fishing, check out  http://ustream.tv/channel/Juneautek  I tried to embed a highlight from the mega long video, but it didn’r work.  Click here to jump to the Highlight page: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/36524991/highlight/422253

Nuts For Knots | The Bowline

The Bowline, AKA the King of the knots, is one of the most famous knots of all time. The beauty of the knot is the ability to hold under massive tension, yet untie easliy. There are a number of variations; including the tugboat bowline, the bowline on a bight, and even the Spanish bowline. How ever you like to tie it, make sure that this knot is in your repertoire of knot knowledge. Remember this simple nmemonic to easily tie this knot. First, make a loop in the line with your left hand. This becomes the “rabbit hole.” The rabbit goes through the hole around the tree and back thru the hole. Check out the Youtube playlist below to see the knot tied in a few different ways.


California Market Squid Season

If this year is anything like the last few, it’s going to be a big squid season in California. In the past few seasons, squid fishermen have been able to catch their quota in record time. Its been a booming time for squid fishing.   With a harvest valued at 73 million dollars in 2010, it remains one of California’s most valuable fisheries.  This year is really just getting underway.   So far, commercial vessels have taken about 22 percent of the Total Allowable Catch.  However, the season was over by Nov. 18th last year.  Basically, its time to get in action.  Rumors are that a reality TV show is currently filming this seasons harvest, too.  Got any ideas what the show might be called?  Toss a few ideas on the facebook.  The pics are from my squid season in 2010 on the F/V Heavy Duty.


The Faces of California Fishing

Anyone have some squid gossip they want to share? Like what’s going on? I guess we are still in the Salmon mode in this house. AND I AM STILL LOOKING FOR SQUID FISHERMEN FOR THE MORRO BAY HARBOR FESTIVAL!!!

2011 West Coast Commercial Fishing Year in Review | Part I

A lot has happened in the world of commercial fishing within the past year. Halibut has dominated the recent headlines with serious implications of a failed fishery. Whereas, commercial salmon fishing has garnered some of the highest prices and catch returns in years. The commercial fishing industry seems to be plagued with more than is fair share of highs and lows. So, hunker down and we will go over some of last years biggest headlines in what some call the “Deadliest Business.”


Salmon dominated the news this year with recent hints of a virus blooming in wild pacific salmon population and a geneticly designed Frankenfish that would solve all of our salmon farming issues. Also record harvests In southeast and Chignik supplied plenty of headlines too. Of course, news of an impending industrial mine in the heart of Alaska‘s sockeye country was met with fierce opposition throughout the year.


Commercial squid fishing in California has seen a huge uptake in value within the last two seasons. In the past, the fishery could take up to six months to catch the quota of 180,000 tons. Last year they were done by Christmas. This year the boys were done by turkey day.

King Crab

Bering Sea King crab quotas were heavily cut this year, but record high prices and a quick season were great for consumers and producers. Southeast Alaskaeven got a chance at king crab this past October. Six years had passed since the last crab opener in the region, so locals were eager to cash in the on record prices.

Dungeness Crab

Dungy Crab soared this past season as Oregon delivered one of its highest valued harvests in years. The crab were selling for more than 2.65 in some regions.

Sitka Sac Roe Herring

Sitka Herring was seriously impacted by the Japanese tsunami this spring. Right before the herring started showing, the tsunami devastated most of the Japanese seafood market, including the buyers. The tragedy resulted in a huge drop in the ex vessel price of herring. In 2010, herring were 410 dollars a ton. This spring we were only able to get 100 dollars a ton.

Up Next

The next segment will include halibut, pollock, and even some dive fisheries.  Feel free to add some suggestions or point me to stories that I may have overlookd

Salmon Fisherman See Lull in Fishing- Petersburg Pilot



Petersburg fishermen and processors are seeing a lull in fishing after a strong showing north of Petersburg so far in the season.

The run has been so strong thus far that the Alaska Department of Fish & Game upped its projections for pink salmon in Southeast, however a recent downswing in areas around Petersburg south to Ketchikan has processors carefully examining the salmon runs.

So far, big numbers of pink salmon have been harvested in districts 10, 12 and 14, on the north side of Kupreanof Island, west side of Admiralty island and north of Chichagof Island.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, as of July 22-23, 20 million fish had been harvested by the purse seine fleet; 18.2 million of those fish were caught in northern districts.

Since the July 22-23 numbers, seine openings have netted an additional 4.9 million pinks on July 26-27, and 2.7 million pinks on July 31-Aug. 1.

Based on catch rates, in-season predictions by the ADF&G are for 67 million pink salmon, up from the projected 55 million pre-season projection.

Fishermen and processors are hoping that projection comes true, as those fishing in southern Southeast around Ketchikan and Petersburg are seeing a lull, according to Dave Ohmer, plant manager of Trident Seafoods and Randy Lantiegne, fleet manager of Icicle Seafoods.

“Southern pinks dropped off last week,” Ohmer said.

Ohmer said the gap is hard to explain.

via Petersburg Pilot.

Fish Tales of Fortune and Faliure

The salmon season in Southeast Alaska has produced a interesting twist in the last few weeks.  After a record breaking run of early pinks in July, the fish have tapered off to a trickle.  The closures of Area 1 and Area 2 have prompted many fishermen to worry about the rest of the season.   We are currently on the rush north to hope for another big push of fish.  If it doesn’t happen in the next week, the season might have quite a surprise ending.  Good Luck to everyone out there.  Let’s hope the fish are still pouring in.  Eat more salmon!

Burning Boats and Double Deckloads. Southeast Alaska is Never Dull.

It has been a crazy week of fishing here in Southeast Alaska.  Some of the biggest fishing in years hit the shiores never Juneau this last week.  Rumor has it that the Pillar Bay had 140,000 pounds by 9:00 near False Bay.  We know for sure that the Wonderland had a double deckland, totaling nearly 120,000 for the day.  Ironically, we were fishing right there the opener before last and it was our best day yet.   We ended up running all the way back to Ketchikan to fish Area 1, which was chocked full of chum salmon, so the trip was a success.  It was still not enough to keep our minds off of the double deckload fury that we heard over the #docktalk.  So, we are heading back north for a piece of the action. It takes nearly 24 hours for us to get from Ketchikan to Juneau, so we will be driving quite a bit in the next day.  Let’s hope the weather holds up.  I have included some charts of the huge deckload spot and some photos from a recent boat sinking.  Jason Crosby is responsible for the photo, so this one hasn’t been seen online yet.  Of course, everyone was okay.

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A fishing boat, based out of Gig Harbor, caught on fire after it grounded about 8 miles south of Ketchikan, Alaska on Monday, according to KOMO News.

The U.S. Coast Guard said five people on board the 58-foot Legend safely evacuated to a nearby fishing vessel.

via Fire Destroys Locally-Based Fishing Boat – Gig Harbor, WA Patch.