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Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | F/V Lady Liv 2014


Two Words. Plunger Cam! Folks, we may have just reached the pinnacle in commercial fishing entertainment. I'm actually kinda surprised that it's taken this long to see a Plunger Cam, but I like it. Dayton Wagner delivers some really cool steady shots and some unique perspectives in this edit. Look for this video and many others in our upcoming Commercial Fishing Film Fest. Our sister site, http://www.fishfilmfest.com hosts thousands of hours of multiple fisheries. In November we will be annoucing details on the upcoming festival.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Memories | Salmon Banks 2014

The Puget Sound sockeye returns were supposed to be spectacular this season. Due to abnormally warm water temperatures, most of the Frasier River sockeye never made it to U.S. waters. Eventhough, the salmon didn't pour into Point Roberts or the Salmon Banks, it was still an awesome experience to fish in such historic waters. I can't wait for the next big push of salmon that pour into Puget Sound! We will get them next time…



Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | F/V New Dawn


Purse seine videos are starting to roll in. Remember to upload your vids to http://www.fishfilmfest.com. We are just reviewing videos for the upcoming festival this January. | Via Youtube: A fun depiction of commercial salmon fishing in Kodiak, Alaska. Filmed aboard the F/V New Dawn using GoPros, iPhones, and a Nikon 3200 to capture the action. We omitted the awful weather, dangerously long work hours, Jellyfish to the face, and endless boat work for the sake of crew morale.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Alaska Salmon- Wild, Natural, Sustainable


ASMI delivers another awesome video touting Alaska's treasured wild salmon. Alaskan salmon stocks are the pinnacle of sustainable fisheries and this video highlights the beauty and passion of commercial fishermen in their element. For those who believe that farmed salmon is an easy choice at the grocery store, open you're eyes and see where wild salmon come from. The world's best salmon come from the pristine waters off of the coast of Alaska. Don't settle for the rest, expect the best! Eat more Wild Alaskan Salmon

Salmon Summery 2012

This summer has been a mixed bag of salmon highs and lows. Copper River started the salmon season with a huge record breaking run of sockeye. Bristol Bay has met many expectations, but the lack of a price jump puts a damper on a successful season. However, King salmon returns are poor. In Kenai, the failiure of the natural king run was considered a disaster. Southeast Alaskan trollers have suffered from the lack of kings, as well. Prince William Sound is the next big show. A huge run of pink salmon is predicted for this year and many boats are still waiting. In southeast Alaska, harvests are expected to be low, but the value and abundance of chum salmon has added some real economic diversity to fishermen. The summer is salmon is almost over, but the real story will still unfold. Will the pinks show up? Read on for more details of the state of salmon this summer.


Southeast Salmon | Juneau’s Amalga Harbor Heats Up The Fleet


Salmon season is in full effect in southeast this year. With the lack of a serious pink run, chum salmon are the hot species this year. The southern chum run has been strong at Kendrick, while the northern chum scene has been invigorated by Amalga Harbor. It’s the first chance seiners have ever had to fish this area. Typically, it’s a DIPAC hatchery program operated by a bidding process for only a few boats.  Seiners will have one last chance to battle for Chum this Thursday.  It should be quite a show.  Good Luck, guys!


Symphony of Seafoods 2012 Winners | Taste Alaska’s Best

The premiere tasting event in the seafood industry was just held in Anchorage this past Friday evening.  Tustumena Smokehouse conquered this season, taking first place in the smoked salmon category and winning the grand prize with Kylee’s Alaskan Salmon Bacon.  Yes, salmon bacon!  Unfortunately, we can’t all be in Anchorage for the Gala event, but all of this years winners can easily be ordered to our dinner tables with the power on the internet.  Check here for a complete list the winners and their websites.  All the sites have online ordering and most are offering winter deals.  Click thru after the pic to get the inside story on the salmon bacon at the Cordova Times.

Fred West of the Tustumena Smokehouse in Soldotna, which also offers a variety of birch smoked wild Alaska salmon products, also won first prize in the smoked salmon competition. As he was presented with the grand prize award at the Symphony’s gala soiree in Anchorage on Feb. 10, West was asked by Jim Browning of the host Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation to tell the story behind the salmon bacon.West, his voice filled with emotion, explained how his granddaughter Kylee suffered an allergic reaction a few years ago to beef, chicken and pork containing growth hormones and steroids.

He vowed to create a nutritious alternative and by the summer of 2011, his smokehouse was producing heart healthy wild Alaska salmon bacon, with all natural ingredients and no MSG or nitrates. He named the product for his granddaughter Kylee.

Kwik’Pak Fisheries of Emmonak took second place in the smoked fish competition with its Old Style Smoked Yukon Keta and third place with Garlic and Pepper Infused Smoked Yukon Keta.

Sweet potato crunch Alaska Pollock sticks by American Pride Seafoods took first place in food service competition. Ivory King Salmon Sashimi from Triad Fisheries placed second in food service and Louvier’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Cajun Rice Dressing Croquette third.

Aqua Cuisine Naturally Smoked Salmon Frank from AquaCuisine won the retail competition. Tracy’s Alaskan King Crab Bisque from Tracy’s King Crab Shack in Juneau, placed second in retail, and Echo Falls Sockeye Salmon Pinwheels from Ocean Beauty Seafoods placed third.

Tracy’s Alaskan King Carb Bisque also won People’s Choice honors at the Symphony’s gala soirees both in Seattle and Anchorage.

via Heart healthy salmon bacon is Symphony winner – The Cordova Times.

2011 West Coast Commercial Fishing Year in Review | Part I

A lot has happened in the world of commercial fishing within the past year. Halibut has dominated the recent headlines with serious implications of a failed fishery. Whereas, commercial salmon fishing has garnered some of the highest prices and catch returns in years. The commercial fishing industry seems to be plagued with more than is fair share of highs and lows. So, hunker down and we will go over some of last years biggest headlines in what some call the “Deadliest Business.”


Salmon dominated the news this year with recent hints of a virus blooming in wild pacific salmon population and a geneticly designed Frankenfish that would solve all of our salmon farming issues. Also record harvests In southeast and Chignik supplied plenty of headlines too. Of course, news of an impending industrial mine in the heart of Alaska‘s sockeye country was met with fierce opposition throughout the year.


Commercial squid fishing in California has seen a huge uptake in value within the last two seasons. In the past, the fishery could take up to six months to catch the quota of 180,000 tons. Last year they were done by Christmas. This year the boys were done by turkey day.

King Crab

Bering Sea King crab quotas were heavily cut this year, but record high prices and a quick season were great for consumers and producers. Southeast Alaskaeven got a chance at king crab this past October. Six years had passed since the last crab opener in the region, so locals were eager to cash in the on record prices.

Dungeness Crab

Dungy Crab soared this past season as Oregon delivered one of its highest valued harvests in years. The crab were selling for more than 2.65 in some regions.

Sitka Sac Roe Herring

Sitka Herring was seriously impacted by the Japanese tsunami this spring. Right before the herring started showing, the tsunami devastated most of the Japanese seafood market, including the buyers. The tragedy resulted in a huge drop in the ex vessel price of herring. In 2010, herring were 410 dollars a ton. This spring we were only able to get 100 dollars a ton.

Up Next

The next segment will include halibut, pollock, and even some dive fisheries.  Feel free to add some suggestions or point me to stories that I may have overlookd