Now, That’s A Big Halibut!

Kent Carmichael of Kansas has made fishing trips to Alaska with his dad and his brother for more than a decade before this summer but had yet to catch the big one.

“The big joke has always been: I’m the one that never caught the 100-pound halibut,” Carmichael said.

The joking will have to stop from now on, because the 62-year-old hardware store owner from Ulysses, Kan., blew past the century mark — and then some — Tuesday, when he caught a 466-pound halibut in the Gulf of Alaska.

The catch won’t top the official state sport-fishing record of 459 pounds, because a certified scale was not available to weigh the fish in Pelican. Instead, a conversion table in the Alaska Tide Book was used to determine the weight of the 94-inch fish. Carmichael said he was a little disappointed about not making the record book, but he’s thrilled to have a story to tell his grandkids about.

via Kansas man reeling from netting 94-inch halibut that weighed in at 466 pounds :: The Republic.

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