Salmon Surpasses Tuna For First Time To Become Second Most Consumed Fish In The US | Undercurrent News

The record salmon landings in Alaska in 2013, combined with the huge production of pink salmon, have pushed salmon past tuna as the second most consumed seafood in the United States, after shrimp.Imports of farmed salmon in all forms increased from 590 million to 620 million lbs, which is only 5%, meaning that it was Alaska salmon that drove the increased consumption.   Incidentally, this year, salmon imports year to date are up 8% meaning that this strong consumer usage of salmon is continuing.NFI has released their overall calculation of per capita consumption based on NOAA’S Fisheries of the US report for 2013, released this week. Overall in 2013, seafood consumption was remarkably stable, edging upward to 14.5 lbs of edible weight per person, from 14.4 lbs. in 2012. This change is statistically insignificant.

via Salmon surpasses tuna for first time to become second most consumed fish in the US | Undercurrent News.

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