The Phoenix Series



How long should we take to age and die?

Asked another way, how long does natural selection want us to live? Let’s examine the short life by talking about Pacific Salmon. As an Alaskan, I head to Chitina every summer where I’m allowed to dipnet for thirty Copper River Reds. Dipnetting involves standing on the banks of certain rivers at special times of year and netting salmon as they swim upriver. I always feel a little guilty. Some of them have scars from close calls with sea lions and sharks. They survived the open ocean and then I eat them before they can pass on their genes. If you aren’t familiar with the pacific salmon life cycle, they only get one chance. They grow up in the streams, go to the oceans to fatten up for a few years, return to the stream, where they spawn, and then…

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Written by JuneauTek

Commercial Fishing Along The Pacific West Coast

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