It’s been a slow start to the 2014 salmon season this year. Primarily boats are fishing on hatchery chum in three areas right now.  Hidden Falls has been fairly slow but it also has the highest concentration of boats. Deep Inlet has produced a bit of fish and Kendrick Bay is off to a slow start.  A huge number of boats are just now leaving Seattle, so the season is just getting underway. It will be nice to see some pink salmon coming in.  So here’s to a great season!  Good luck to all the captains and crew out there on the water this season.


Oh yeah!  Look what some idiot did to the natural hot tubs at Baranof Warm Springs. It ruins most of the scenery and affects water flow to the lower tubs. I would love to know who is responsible for this eyesore.  I would like to send out a sincere “@%&# you” to the yahoo who did this.


Written by JuneauTek

I'm loving life in Alaska! Check out my viewpoint from Alaska, as I go commercial fishing and skiing thru the land of the midnight sun. This is Alaska commercial fishing shown the way it should be, from fishermen. When, I'm not working on the high seas, I enjoy time with my family in Juneau, AK enjoying life, love and salmon in southeast Alaska

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