Embracing the Rain, on Kodiak

As I’m messing around with my history, as a Commercial Fisherman,…and some of the other adventurous days, afforded the Youthful,… I’m realizing, or maybe still wondering,..

How much impact do those days really have on our futures,..??

I am listening to the current Alaska News with amazement, the progress of the Iditarod Sled Dog race is on, and yet again,

Lance Mackey is in the lead,…”driving his team hard,” they say,...

Reminded me of a photo I found, from Fall of 1989 I believe, and we were, “Fishing Hard,…”

it would definitely have been said,…of the guy in the wheelhouse,….”He’s driving his guys hard,” in this photo, I was running the Celtic, fishing for Pacific Cod, and as Fall weather goes,…”it was Hard Weather, by definition.”

I must have jumped down on deck on a relatively calm stretch,..to take a few shots of the boys, and the look on…

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Written by JuneauTek

Commercial Fishing Along The Pacific West Coast

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