Cordova Blogger Delivers Great Insight on Copper River Fishery.

Here are some great details from the fishery.  I’m surprised to hear the price of fish dropped so dramatically in just two openers.  For many salmon fishermen, price is always a mystery.  Click thru to read the whole story

Well, its Friday and we have 2 openers under our belts for the week.  The first opener was on Monday, May 16th.  The weather was decent and sunny, though there was a bit of a lump out there from a westerly swell.  It was a low water opener, with a minus tide.  So, big tides and lots of water running through there.  Rumors were the river was low and colder than normal and the ocean was warmer than normal, but no one knows what that means.  Anyhow, we started inside and targeted kings.  We got a handful, including one 50 pounder!  My job was to scoop it up with the dip net and bring it aboard.  With the high price we get at the beginning of the season, that makes that king about a $300 fish!  After that, we jumped outside of the barrier islands and fished in the open ocean.

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