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Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | First Fish | Copper River 2014

Wooden Mirror Pictures just released this video, which highlights the journey of the first fish of the Copper River Salmon season as it heads into Seattle among great fanfare.


Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Cordova, Alaska | Home Of Copper River Reds

One of Alaska’s most popular fisheries starts May 15th at 7:00 AM.  Fishermen will be up at dawn looking for jumping salmon and anticipating deckloads of early season sockeye salmon.   This video delivers a stunning perspective of the natural beauty Cordova, Alaska and its local bounty.

The Salmon Are Here | Fishing On The Copper River Starts Today



That’s Right!  It’s salmon time in Alaska!  Local fishermen will head out in early this morning for a 7 A.M. opener, which marks the start of the 2013 salmon season.  The webcam is a view is from the top of My Eyak, overlooking Cordova’s beautiful harbor.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast is a bit nasty.   Alaska doesn’t want to break free of winter’s icy grip this spring.  The local airport reported record lows this morning, too.  Regardless of the conditions wild caught salmon will be hitting dinner tables soon.   Copper River Reds will be wisked from the tiny port of Cordova and travel across the world within just a few days.  Fresh Alaskan salmon will hit stores by Friday.  Ever wonder how “Copper River Reds” got so popular?  Check out this recent article:


It’s been 30 years since Jon Rowley first persuaded a few salmon fishermen on Alaska’s Copper River that they might be able to do something with their superb fish other than sell it to the cannery. But even he never guessed things would get this crazy.

Today, Copper River salmon is a smash hit. And at the root of this success are a couple of big ideas, one that seems obvious today — getting the best fish and handling them carefully — and one that is still a bit wacky — a race to see which restaurant could serve the first Copper River king salmon of the season

As the Copper River season begins Wednesday, these fish will be one of the few name-dropped on menus. And the first fresh Copper River salmon of the season could fetch as much as $50 a pound.

But 30 years ago, almost none of the fish was even sold fresh.  When food marketing guru Jon Rowley offered the fishermen $3.50 a pound, they were overjoyed.

via The Copper River salmon craze: How the race began – latimes.com.


Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Salmon Fishing Prince Rupert, BC

Tom paints a picture with his words and tone of the current conditions of the fishery and its effects on west coast communities. He and his wife consider themselves lucky to still be in the fishing industry. Salmon was once their sole income, now they must fish other
species and have had to invest more money into equipment to continue to fish and make a living.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Fishing For a Living | Cordova, AK


Enjoy a stroll thru the Cordova harbor and learn about the various fisheries that support the local fishermen.  Cordova is a great example of a small town that knows how to market seafood.  The Copper River Reds, label is easily one of the most recognizable salmon brands in all of Alaska.  Check out exploringthechugach on Youtube for other interesting videos about Cordova and it surrounding beauty.


Alaska Summer Salmon | First Opener In Kendrick Bay

This year, the trip north was smooth and calm. Even the open crossings at Dixon Entrance were mellow. It took four days to bring the boat north this summer. We arrived just in enough time to head to Kendrick Bay for our first four day opener in southeast Alaska. The weather turned for the worst as soon as we arrived in Alaska. So, the last four days were spent rolling and bucking around in sloppy seas.

Alaska Salmon | Copper River Reds Begins Today.

The salmon season is officially underway.  On Thursday, nearly 450 boats will pack into the mouth of the Copper River to harvest one of Alaska‘s most famous brands.  Traditionally, the brand has been a real success story for marketers in the seafood industry.  “Copper River Reds” could fetch as much as $30 a pound in the first few weeks.  As the rest of Alaska gears up and increases production,  the price will fall over the coming weeks.  However, many people are willing to pay top dollar to get their hands on the first salmon of the season.  @TedLandKTUU will be tweeting and reporting live from the fishery.  As I’m composing this post, I can see numerous boats heading out of the Cordova harbor on their way to the fishing grounds.  It should be a crazy day tomorrow.   Good luck to all the captains and crews involved.  It looks like its going to be a beautiful day of fishing.

The 2012 season will kick off on Thursday, May 17th with the first Copper River King and Sockeye salmon arriving at restaurants and markets for the weekend. “Copper River Salmon comes from an untouched environment that keeps producing the finest salmon in the world,” says Brian Rutzer, who has been fishing the Copper River for twenty years onboard his 32’ boat, the Controller Bay. For Brian, like the 540 other members of the fleet, fishing is a way of life that harvests one of nature’s healthiest wild foods and feeds a hunger for adventure, independence and vast open spaces.

Copper River King, the largest and most sought after of all Pacific salmon species, run through the end of June. Sockeye, which makes up the heart of the Copper River commercial salmon harvest, run through the end of July., The naturally high oil content, brilliant color, and firm texture make Copper River salmon perfect for preparations and pairings that let its succulent flavor shine through.

Like all seafood from Alaska, Copper River salmon are always wild, natural and sustainable. Following stronger than anticipated King and Sockeye harvests in 2011, this year’s Copper River forecast is for a harvest of 20,000 Kings and 1.43 million Sockeye.

The biggest question often asked by Copper River salmon fans is, ‘where can I find it near me?’. Now, with the new Copper River Salmon Locator App, finding Copper River Salmon at restaurants and markets has never been easier. Consumers, restaurants and retailers can also add locations carrying Copper River Salmon to the App database http://www.findcopperriver.org or with Jessyka at jessyka(at)copperrivermarketing(dot)org.

via Copper River Salmon: More to Love, Easier to Find – seattlepi.com.

Southeast Salmon | Fishing Starts on the Taku and Stikine Rivers

The 2012 salmon season is here! Many people consider “Copper River Reds” the first salmon the  season, but southeast fishermen get a chance to start today.!  The Taku and the Stikine are open for a one day King salmon gilnett fishery. Southeast trollers also get a chance at the early kings this year too. Good luck to all! Let’s hope the season starts with a bang!  Enjoy the youtube pick of last year’s gilnett season in southeast.  I kinda like the disco beats in the video, too!


Commercial Gillnetters and trollers in the Petersburg and Wrangell area will be targeting king salmon in the marine waters near the Stikine River starting early next week. The District 8 king season was closed for the previous three years because the Stikine runs were not big enough. This year, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is projecting nearly 41 thousand large kings will return, which is enough for a commercial harvest.

Area management biologist Troy Thynes says, ” “Now in terms of this forecast, it’s probably, over the long term, about an average size king salmon run for the Stikine River. In short term, its actually under average because we’ve had some very large returns in the early 2000’s……What we’ve seen here is this forecast, compared to past years, is is above the last three years pre-season forecast and pretty similar to the 2007 and 2008 forecast.”

The Stikine River king salmon run is shared between Alaska and Canada under the Pacific Salmon Treaty. Based on the pre-season forecast, Alaska is allowed a total catch of just under 59 hundred kings including commercial and sport landings. Canada’s share is about 68 hundred fish.

Alaska’s target could change later this month when the state comes up with an in-season forecast based on actual returns to the river

via Stikine,Taku Fisheries start up this month | KFSK.