Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Alaska Salmon- Wild, Natural, Sustainable

ASMI delivers another awesome video touting Alaska’s treasured wild salmon. Alaskan salmon stocks are the pinnacle of sustainable fisheries and this video highlights the beauty and passion of commercial fishermen in their element. For those who believe that farmed salmon is an easy choice at the grocery store, open you’re eyes and see where wild salmon come from. The world’s best salmon come from the pristine waters off of the coast of Alaska. Don’t settle for the rest, expect the best! Eat more Wild Alaskan Salmon

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  1. We are very concerned that we’re losing the battle against cheap, imported farmed salmon. For example, in the October 15 issue of “Wine Spectator” – a magazine published in America – they ran an article titled “Sustainable Salmon.” Amazingly, the article is Not about Alaskan wild and wild-caught salmon, but about a Norwegian-owned salmon farm in Scotland and a British Columbia farmed salmon operation. This is a magazine read by 3 million people, many of whom are in the food and beverage industry. We wrote to the editors, but they need to hear from more people. How does one write an article about “sustainable salmon” and not start with the Alaska model?!

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