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Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Auke Bay Winter 2013

Snowy shot from Auke Bay Harbor. The recent winter snow storms can be dangerous for smaller crafts in the harbor.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Harris Harbor 2013

It’s another beautiful weather in Juneau, Alaska and most boats are tied up to the docks for the long winter. Some boats will be heading out for Golden King Crab in the coming months, but the harbor is generally quiet this time of year.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Humpynami Red Tide Limited Edition

In honor of the new ComFishFilmfest website, we themed a few prints of the Humpynami “Red Tide” T-shirts with the colors from the new website. Yes, you can get your hands on these T’s at the Pacific Marine Expo this coming week. We have limited numbers and we will be printing another round in different colors. The Humpynami concept is the brain child of Bob Poor and his artist friend Roger McKay did the layout. I used Aurora Projekt here in Juneau to print these limited editions up and we will have more to come in the next few weeks. If you were part of the incredible summer that we had last year, then you need a Humpynami T shirt. All proceeds go to the upcoming ComFishFilmFest “Pub Trawl” Film Tour, coming to a local bar near you. More details coming soon… Oh yeah, the website is up too, check out www.fishfilmfest.com to see our new digs. It’s not quite an official launch, but whoever reads this is welcomed. Sign up on the new website (sorry facebook sign on is a work in progress) and you might just win one of these T Shirts.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Auke Bay By Moonlight


On a recent trip to Sitka by ferry I spotted this lone fishing vessel anchored up out by to AGS cannery in Juneau. I couldn't quite make out what boat it was, but the photo opportunity was worth it. It was truly a beautiful moonlit eve ferry ride.

Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit 2012 | Video

Just about 70 fishermen from all over Alaska have gathered in Juneau for the Young Fishermen Summit.  Nearly every fishery is represented here, with gillnetters being the highest volume.  Most of the attendees are from Southeast, however Bristol Bay is highly represented as well. The two day event covers many facets of the fishing industry, including fishery management, private marketing and politics.  I’ve included some quick video from Bruce Gabry’s talk on record keeping.  The images are from the media package included at the summit. Check back for more updates as the day continues.  Later today, we will be at the NOAA Headquarters at Lena Point. Stay tuned and post any questions if you are interested.

PhotoWalk | Juneau Harbor And UAS Diesel Tech Center

Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to enjoy some of our amazing sunny weather we have had recently in Juneau.  Initially, I was headed down to the UAS Tech Center to check out the free marine diesel seminar, but I decided to capitalize on some great lighting in harbor too.   So, here is a really weird photowalk of boats, harbors, and all things diesel.  Enjoy!

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Tekoma | Eaglecrest, AK

Tekoma translates into “snow capped peaks” from the traditional Navajo.  You might be more familiar with the modern version, which is tacoma.  Basically, these posts will be about various different ski resorts that I visit over the winter. I have a ski trip planned for after the new year, so stay tuned.
Lets start with Eaglecrest, which is truly a hidden treasure of southeast Alaska.  Located on Douglas Island, just across from downtown Juneau, the resort offers a great escape to the long winters in southeast.  Its not the typical tourist infused corporate monster than some ski resorts have devolved into.  It’s actually a municipality of the city and runs much like a public pool.  While it lacks in corporate flash, the community element is the driving force.  Everyone knows everyone and no one is telling where the powder stash is.  Next time you find yourself in Juneau, check it out.  During the summer, it has an awesome zip line too.

King Crab Starts in Southeast Alaska Today.

Once again, fishermen will get the chance to harvest King crab in southeast Alaska.  The outlook for the fishery is great.  King crab are likely to sell for over 12$ lb.  The morning weather is supposed to be starting with heavy winds and the lows may drop down into the snow zone on the first evening.  All in all, it sounds like its going to be a great short fishery.  Here is a pic from a local Juneau boat, the F/V Star of the Sea.