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Fishing For Apps | Puffin Web Browser


The iPad has no shortage of web browsers, but the Puffin Web Browser offers unque features that can't be found any where else. First of all, the browser allows Flash content, which means you can access a wealth of online video that is normally blocked by mobile browsers. Also, this cloud based web surfer offers blazing speeds and the ability to download directly to Dropbox. Basically, this browser doesn't everything that Safari doesn't. It's a must have app for any iPad owner who wants to surf the web like they were sitting at their desktop. The app is available for iPhone and Android at a reasonable cost of 4.99. Check out www.puffinbrowser.com for the latest news and links for downloading the browser.


Fishing For Apps | Build A Ship With Kate And Harry

This is a fun app for the kiddos. I mentionted it because its the free App Of The Day from AppAdvice. Click on the link to download for free. It’s a limited time offer.

Build a Ship with Kate and Harry ($0.99 → Free, 34.8 MB): Your little one can let their imagination run wild by designing ships with Kate and Harry. They first get to decide if they want Kate or Harry to be their helper. They can then craft their own unique ship by tapping on different items. When they’re ready for an adventure, Kate or Harry will man the ship and sail it through randomly generated and interactive environments.


Fishing For Apps | Garmin Bluechart Mobile

Garmin enters the emerging iPad app scene with a free app, which features in-app purchase for charts.  West coast charts are under 50 dollars, and are view able offline.  The iPad is slowly becoming a realistic alternative to cumbersome desktops.   


The long awaited Garmin BlueChart app has finally hit the streets. We were teased with a few screen shots back in February and promised the app this past summer. Well it was worth the wait. Garmin took their own sweet time and did it right. I have owned numerous Garmin products over the years and have never been disappointed. This app also delivers with a ton of awesome features.

If you have not downloaded it yet here is the link to the app in the iTunes Store.


Garmin has been advertising this app as a trip and planning tool and that is what they delivered. The list of features is extensive but there are some additional features that I wish it had. More on that later.


-Create, edit Waypoint name and symbol as water, land, hazard with custom colors

-Create and edit Routes

-Picture of saved Routes

-g2 marine Cartography

-In app purchases for charts and advanced weather

-Transfer routes and waypoints wirelessly to networked Garmin chartplotters

-Fuel usage calculations in routes

-Record Tracks

-Chart notes

-Celestial data, sunrise sunset, moonrise, moonset and phase

-Tide stations


-Active Captain user generated content points of interest

-Garmin points of interest

Weather conditions, dew point, temperatures, wind speed and direction, water temp, visibility, wave height and period

Grib files

-Premium weather in app purchase for radar and clouds $3.99

-Graphical measuring tool

-Shaded depth contours and inter-tidal zones

-Spot soundings

-Plan trips

-Radial menu dial

-Powerful search feature for BlueChart services and ActiveCaptain content

-Realtime GPS tracking

-External GPS capable

via i-Marine Apps: Garmin BlueChart Mobile Trip Planning App.


Fish Tech | Drive Your Boat With the Garmin Quatix Watch!

Quatix combines the most crucial marine features and provides both comprehensive navigation and sailing capabilities while integrating Garmin‘s industry-leading GPS technology and user-friendly interface. Quatix allows mariners the freedom to enjoy the open waters while having the most important boating information on their wrist.

Photo Jan 22, 9 20 23 PM




Fish Tech | Waterproof Gadgets 2012

Let’s face it! Weither you are a fisherman or not, its likely that at least one of your gadget’s fate has suffered from harsh weather conditions or just plain water submersion. Luckily, gadgets are evolving and weatherproofing is becoming common in many different phones, cameras and tablets. The holiday season is just around the corner, so here are a few gadgets that will survive nature’s fury.

Photo Dec 03, 10 57 32 PM



Nope! The iPhone is not waterproof. However, a few cases offer true waterproof protection to Apple’s flagship phone. Lifeproof leads the pack with durable truly waterproof iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 cases. The company has also just released cases for the ipad too. A few other companies, like Otterbox have waterproof cases, but LifeProof reigns supreme. iPhone 4 cases are selling for about 60 bucks online.

Kyocera Hydro

Another great entry into the waterproof smart phone world is the Kyocera Hydro. This Android powered phone is available from Boost Mobile as a prepaid device. So, its easy to buy one of these online and get started right away. This is one of the few models that supports being fully submerged on water up to one meter. The Hydro is also super easy on the wallet, the phone costs just under 100 bucks.

Motorola Defy

ACS Alaska offers up the Motorola Defy for $99.99 with a two-year enslavement/contract. The Defy advocates its water resistance and durable build as its major selling points. Gorilla Glass protects the front from scratches and the entire device is shockproof and dustproof. This is a pretty standard smart phone and only supports android 2.1, which is a considerable disappointment to anyone who has used higher versions of the Android operating system.

Samsung Rugby Pro

AT&T has a popular line of durable phones developed by Samsung. The Rugby Pro is available for $99.99, with a two-year contract. Samsung has recently made a huge impact on the smart phone market with the Galaxy line of phones. The Rugby Pro delivers powerful specs balanced with military grade durability and water resistance. Of the phones mentioned above, this model is the best bang for the buck.


Fish Tech | Boat Beacon Serves Up Easy AIS

For anyone that has ever operated a vessel at night, one thing is certain. It’s hard to identify vessels in the dark, especially in busy shipping lanes. AIS, stands for Automatic Identification System. Boats over 70 feet must use to use this level identificationin the United States. However, many small boats don’t have this ability due to the complicated nature of the installation process, which involves new antennas, a VHF receiver, and navigation software. All in all, a new install could be 600 dollars for the cheapest option. Now, with the beauty of smartphones there is a solution.  I”ve also included a video that explains Marine AIS throughly.

Boat Beacon is available for iPhone and Android devices and has one feature that sets it apart from the other navigation apps. It allows you to place your “Boat Beacon” on the AIS system. This means that huge cruise ships can see your tiny vessels right on their navigation screens. Obviously, this is only going to work in areas with cell reception. This is a huge drawback, but it’s a great opportunity to review AIS and see if it’s necessary for your vessel. Overall, Boat Beacon is an amazing app. For less than ten bucks, you have a fully functioning AIS transceiver and responder. Check it out!

Fish Tech | Nine Nautical Apps

Here are a few apps that will get you up to date on all your fishing needs.  This bundle includes some awesome weather apps, a few reference apps, and some navigation aids.  While some apps provide navigation info, they are only intended as a navigational aid.  Make sure to keep your eyes open out there and always had a hard copy of the chart region you are traveling in.  Enough safety, read up on some can’t miss nautical apps.  Click on the itunes image to hop over to the app.

Marine U.S

This is a great app due to its simplicity and speed.  You need an active internet connection, as the charts are streamed from the geogarage webite.  Otherwise, this is a great charting app that can be used for planning a trip and getting the lay on the land.




Knots Guide

This app will help you keep up on all the various knots used in your fishing adventures.  The knots are illustrated nicely and its also free.





Alaska Journal of Commerce

Now you can get the latest and greatest from one of Alaska‘s oldest and most trusted news sources.  The design is clean and the app has fresh updates daily.





Now you can have AIS info at your fingertips.  This app is an extension of the Marinetraffic.com website.  It gives you the ability to see nearby vessels in congested harbors.  The app requires an internet connection, so it limited when heading out to sea.  It’s still a great tool for following boats out on the bering sea.




NOAA Buoys and Tide Data

This is ideal for determining the big swells offshore.  The data is directly available from NOAA, which helps built confidence in a somewhat lackluster designed app.





KTUU Weather

This a one of the better weather apps and it’s from a trusted news source in Alaska.  The design is amazing, especially on the iPad.





Motion X GPS

The built-in GPS and Accelerometer make this a useful app for  double checking your vessel’s instruments.  The results are accurate and the design is superb.  It’s also one of the more popular GPS apps in the app store.





Marine Navigation Pro

The rules of the sea can be a little confusing.  Make sure any greenhorns get a look at this one so they can determine a cruise ship for a tug boat.




Boat Beacon

This might be the cheapest AIS Solution on the market.  The cool little app allows you to yourself and other AIS vessels around your position.  This is obvious not a full fledged AIS system.  It’s a great way to get familiar with new navigation aid.  This could be the future of AIS technology.

Get In Gear | Spring Fever Photo Contest

Alright! Spring is finally here. It’s been a long winter in AK this year and the awesome spring weather has me in the mood for fishing. No season ever starts without a little bit of preseason work. I’ll be heading down to Seattle soon to join the rest of the gang in the preseason circus, known as Fishermen’s Terminal. Ah, I can almost here the sound of the needle gun from here. So, heres the deal. I’ve got some swag to give away this preseason. I have an awesome rain coat provided by Red Ledge, a LifeProof Case, and a iPhone Pelican Case to give away. Basically, I want photos of you guys showing us what it takes to get a boat ready for the season. The contest officially starts today 4/20 and will last one month until 5/20.  All the prizes are about the same price, so the top three photos at the end of the month will win the booty! Simple! To upload your photos, email them to getingear@yogile.com or head over to http://www.yogile.com/getingear and you can upload photos there directly. Any photos uploaded thru Facebook or Twitter just need the hashtag #getingear. Magically, all the photos will also show up here in this post as they are uploaded. Alright! This is the first photo contest for JuneauTek. Let’s make it a good one.


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