Get In Gear | Spring Fever Photo Contest

Alright! Spring is finally here. It’s been a long winter in AK this year and the awesome spring weather has me in the mood for fishing. No season ever starts without a little bit of preseason work. I’ll be heading down to Seattle soon to join the rest of the gang in the preseason circus, known as Fishermen’s Terminal. Ah, I can almost here the sound of the needle gun from here. So, heres the deal. I’ve got some swag to give away this preseason. I have an awesome rain coat provided by Red Ledge, a LifeProof Case, and a iPhone Pelican Case to give away. Basically, I want photos of you guys showing us what it takes to get a boat ready for the season. The contest officially starts today 4/20 and will last one month until 5/20.  All the prizes are about the same price, so the top three photos at the end of the month will win the booty! Simple! To upload your photos, email them to or head over to and you can upload photos there directly. Any photos uploaded thru Facebook or Twitter just need the hashtag #getingear. Magically, all the photos will also show up here in this post as they are uploaded. Alright! This is the first photo contest for JuneauTek. Let’s make it a good one.


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