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Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V St. John | Port Townsend, WA

Here is a peak of the F/V St. John in Port Townsend from last spring.


Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | F/V Homeshore | Summer 2013


Chris Gunndberg delivers an honest, engaging look at salmon seining in Southeast Alaska. The pace is a little nicer than most heavy metal fishing hits. Keep an eye out for this and other videos on www.fishfilmfest.com


Commercial Fishing Video Of the Day | Neverland Summer | F/V Confidence


The summer videos just keep rolling in.  Here’s another perspective from the crew aboard the F/V Confidence.  Make sure to check out www.lifeofdom.com for the upcoming photo book.  Cool Stuff!  Great Work!

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | “The Pirates Of Tebenkof”

Via youtube: “Pirates of Tebenkof is a film about a group of young fisherman who teamed up with a few old timers out West over the course of the spring and early summer of 2013 to build and launch a largecommercial fishing vessel named the Whitey W.Set in chronological order, the film details some of the challenges, struggles, and rewards of commercial fishing as the crew overcomes the impossible to take part in one of the largest harvests of salmon ever known in southeast Alaska.

Filmed on board, the viewer is treated to a unique, behind-the-scenes look into the Alaska Purse Seine fishery.  Full of awe-inspiring footage and an epic soundtrack, this film gives amazing insight into the lives of the people and wildlife on the Pacific high seas.”

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | F/V Double Eagle


The F/V Double Eagle shows us that it's all fish slayin while on a summer adventure.to Bristol Bay. The first audio track is really interesting. I'm curious to know who sings the initial track. Enjoy!

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | San Fran Herring Slaying


Via Youtube: According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the SF Bay herring run “is the last urban fishery in the United States in which people can actually sit on shore and watch commercial boats haul in the squiggling fish” (http://tinyurl.com/ltqpfg8). I was very lucky to film the fishermen close-up from only a few feet away along the SF Bay trail in Richmond, Ca. This video documents the commercial herring fishermen during the 2013 fishing season. It records how the nets are set; how predators compete for the fish, and what happens on the boats during a successful harvest.

An earlier video I made, “Gulls Gone Wild” http://youtu.be/coAf-jlAf_4 documents the wild and crazy behavior of hungry birds that accompanies the huge annual feast of caviar. This latest video focuses on the commercial fisherman hauling in tons of herring.

Each winter, the herring come to mate and scatter there eggs which stick to seaweeds, rocks, and other surfaces. The herring are closely followed by hungry birds, sea lions and fisherman. The area in this film was so rich with spawning fish that the fishermen strung 5 sets of gill nets very close to each other. All the nets had abundant catches!

As the fish got caught in the nets, the seagulls, pelicans, and sea lions would steal the fish from the nets. This doesn't seem to bother the fisherman, however, perhaps because the harvest was so plentiful!

Seagulls are very buoyant and can't dive very well like ducks. They only have access to the fish caught at the very top of the Nets. They put on quite a show trying to dive down into the water trying to remove the trapped fish. The pelicans are better equipped. Their long beaks provide much better access to the fish. The sea lions and seals have the best advantage of all. They can dive as deep as they need to for access to this rich source of food.

This 2013 fishing season in the San Francisco Bay was a very good one. Many fishermen caught their limits early and left the area for other fishing grounds. With the fisherman gone, the birds continue to feed on the herring eggs that cover the rocks, sea weed, and piers. For more information about the SF Bay herring fishery check out http://tinyurl.com/knfc7o7.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Maren E | Fall 2013

Here's a quick of the harbor in Seattle just before the season salmon season was over ! I roamed the terminal and snapped pics at nearly 4:00 in the morn. Long night, but still felt creative enough to take photos. I love how the Sony NEX just drinks up the night shots without a tripod! It's truly the best feature of the the already amazing camera!

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Star Shadow | Sitka Herring 2013

This shot lined up nicely last year during one of the sunny openers! I can't wait for this year! I think it's going to be a huge year for the fishermen after a fairly dismal showing last season. The San Fran herring run is just now coming into the west coast. Early reports indicate a more than favorable catches. Come on, Herring!