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Alaska Commercial Fishing Viewpoints | F/V Quandary

Another salmon season is just around the corner!  I hope you enjoy the new Vine app from Twitter.  I will be highlighting different commercial fishing vessel over the upcoming season.

Deadliest Catch 2013 Rumor Round Up

Another season of Deadliest Catch will be airing on the Discovery Channel tonight. However, it’s been long over for many captains. The King Crab season is filmed first and takes place between October and December. Bering Sea Crabbers traditional take a break and head back out for Opilio Crab after the new year. Although, Discovery Channel keeps the captains and crews exploits secret for most of the winter. It might come as surprise that many captains have taken to Twitter to update their adventures as they happen at sea. Here is a collection of tweets and photos that should give you a hint about the new season. The addition of two “new” boats might be the biggest story so far this season. Say goodbye to the Ramblin Rose and the Kodiak! Two captains found a new ride this season. Wild Bill will be piloting the F/V Cape Caution, while Elliott will be at the helm of his own boat this season, the F/V Saga. Here are a few clips and pics of the new season of Deadliest Catch.

Here are some highlights from the King and Opilio Crab seasons.  Pay attention to the date on the tweet!
So, now you have an idea of how the season went.  According to the Coast Guard, no crab vessels sank this year and no deaths were reported either.  So sit back and enjoy the show this season.  It sounds like things were much smoother this year.  Here’s a great promo for the new season.

ComFish Kodiak 2013


Its time for Alaska’s largest commercial fishing trade show!  Its the 34th year for Kodiak‘s homegrown show, which focuses on the business of commercial fishing and features vendors from all areas of the industry.  The event is held the 11-13th of April and you can follow the action at http://www.comfish.com.  Here are a few tweets of the event as it happens.  Also tune into the LIVE Ustream of the forum events.  I hope to be there next season representing the Commercial Fishing Film Festival http://www.comfishfilmfest.com

Deadliest Catch Captain Concert | Live Ustream

Discovery rocks the opening weekend of SxSW 2013 with a night of music, mingling and interactive madness, starting at 9:40 Central Time. Enjoy indie rock beats at our free webcast featuring: Quiet Company and The Tontons. Discovery welcomes fellow SxSW inter actives and special guests, The Captains from Discovery’s Deadliest Catch at Austin’s iconic Stubb’s BBQ. Join us because you never know what’s going to happen when Austin and Catch Captains collide!

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Hot Canadian Herring Season Cools Down


NANAIMO – The fast and furious herring season is coming to a screeching halt. Fishboat crews have already reached the gillnet herring quota. Boats have pulled in 6,300 tonnes of herring off the coast of Vancouver Island. Now only seine nets are hitting the water and looking to pull in the final loads of the season.

Crew of the Viking Sunrise are dumping their load in French Creek and heading back out. The fish industry is at its finest right now in French Creek. “You know I can’t see it going past Sunday. If they are catching it now, we should be all wrapped up by tomorrow,” says the French Creek Seafood’s manager Tammy Moilliet. Gillnet herring ended last night but seine fishing will continue for a few more days.

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Dutch Harbor Update | Deadliest Catch Goes Digital At SXSW

It appears that most of the captains and crew have wrapped up their opilio seasons.  Some of the bigger stars from the show will be appearing at South By SouthWest Festival In Austin this weekend.  The Opilio crab season is usually completed by the end of Feburary.  Last season, the bering sea broke all previous records for sea ice coverage and many boast fished well into April.  If you want to keep up with the fleet while they are on the fishing grounds check out the Deadliest TwitterFeed!


Watch out Austin, the captains from the hit Discovery series “Deadliest Catch” are swapping the deep sea for Texas and heading up the Twitter for Tough Guys panel this weekend at the SXSW Festival.

Given that they have just returned from months of isolation trolling the Bering Sea for King Crab, the boys are bracing themselves for the onslaught of attention.

“It will be awesome, but when we first get back from fishing it takes a few days so it will be a little disconcerting,” Captain Keith Colburn told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

Alongside Colburn will be Captains Sig Hansen and Johnathan Hillstrand to discuss the role social media has played in the groundbreaking series, which returns for its ninth season in April. And aside from having shared their death-defying occupation with the world for several years now, it seems the show has taught the crabbers a thing or two.

via ‘Deadliest Catch’ captains say social media integral to show’s continued success | Fox News.


Fisher Poets Gathering 2013 | LIVE Listening Party | Saturday 23rd 2013

Commercial Fishermen from around the country have gathered in Astoria this weekend for the 16th annual Fisher Poets Gathering.  The show is rebroadcast and archived here for you convenience.  Feel free to join in to Mixlr  for listening and chatting.  I will be live streaming the event on twitter, as well.  Search Fisher Poets on twitter for the latest updates. The stream is embedded below with a flash widget.  All iDevice users and log into www.mixlr.com/juneautek/showreel/ for live and archival audio.  Check out www.fisherpoets.org for all the showtimes and other details.

Photo Feb 22, 3 11 45 PM


For Jay! The Fish Whisperer

Silent salmon silhouettes slip along the shore
The hum of the skiff warms his senses
The water whispers to him…
A row of corks stretch away, into the distance
Lapping waves beat against the hull
The water whispers to him…
“Almost there”
The rain taps lightly on his gear
Wet wind rips across his face
The water whispers to him…
“Come home”
His face twitches into a grin
His heart warms him from within
He whispers back…
“I am”

Dutch Harbor Update | Deadliest Catch Rumor Roundup

Another crab season on the Bering Sea is just around the corner. The actual forecast is about 19,000 metric tons of king crab, which is better than last year’s quota at 15,00 metric tons. This is still a small harvest for King Crab, but the price should hold. The quota for Oplio crab, also known as, Snow crab, has gone down this year by almost 30 percent. However, demand for snow crab has grown over the last few years as well, which means that the price is good. These are only preliminary estimates and the official total will be out by the end of october.

Here’s a little example of the Deadliest TwitterFeed.  It appears that Elliot is not returning to the Ramblin Rose and he is shopping for a boat.  Will he be on season 10?  The rest of the guys are prepping the boats for the upcoming season.  Check out the tweets below to catch up.  Filming will begin this fall and the next season will air in the spring.  Let’s hope the ice isn’t as bad as last year.

Here’s a crazy video that will give you a laugh.  Norwegians!   What can I say?