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Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day |New Bedford | America’s Largest Fishing Port

Via Youtube:  New Bedford is America‘s largest commercial fishing port. The men and women who harvest the North Atlantic descend from a rich colorful history, and work tirelessly to keep their tradition alive and bring seafood from the ocean to our tables.

But what is the role of the traditional New England fishery in the ever-increasing global economy? How do local New Bedford fishing families stay afloat while competing with larger industry and keeping up with changing government regulations?

These are just some of the issues that MIT Sea Grant‘s marine anthropologist, Madeleine Hall-Arber, has been helping fishermen in New England address for over 25 years. Among her many projects and activities surrounding the fishing industry, Hall-Arber advises fisheries managers on the likely impacts of their working decisions, as well as assists commercial and recreational fishing industry representatives on fishing vessel safety, working waterfronts, oral history, and spatial documentation of fishing and marine habitat research projects.

This video features Hall-Arber’s participation in the 2013 Working Waterfront Festival, organized by the local community to help give the public a fun and unique opportunity to see and understand the commercial fishing culture firsthand. Activities include walking the decks of a scalloper, dining on fresh seafood, watching fishermen contests and cooking demonstrations, fun and games for children, and more.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day |Fall Chum Salmon Joy


Sit back and watch as a couple of gillnetters realize they are setting on the mother lode of Chum Salmon in Totten Inlet.  Their gillnet is lovingly referred to as the “Wall Of Death,” as the salmon continue to pound the cork line.  Many Washington fishermen have put away their nets for the season, but a few areas remain open and captains and crew are on anchor this eve hoping for one more push of salmon to come through Puget Sound.  Good luck, guys.


Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Aimee O




Many seiners have come and gone over the years, but the Aimee O sticks in my mind for a number of reasons. First of all, it was the first time I remember seeing a girl driving skiff. In fact, the crew was comprised mostly of the captain's daughters and the boat even had a “cork thrower” The Aimee O was top notch back in 2006. I still think its one of the nicest seiners ever. These days, I believe its been converted into a boat called the F/V Taurus.


Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Bag Rollin |Ustream 2013

While fishing outside of Sitka this summer we had 4G cell service so, I recorded a huge LIVE stream of our fishing day.  Here is a nice highlight from the day of a big bag rolling aboard.  To see more ustream video from salmon and herring fishing, check out  http://ustream.tv/channel/Juneautek  I tried to embed a highlight from the mega long video, but it didn’r work.  Click here to jump to the Highlight page: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/36524991/highlight/422253

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Herring Harlem Shake

Yes, it was bound to happen!  I couldn’t think of a better pairing that a herring gillnetter and the harlem shake viral video phenomenon.  This might be the best use of the harlem shake, yet.  I hope there aren’t too many more…  This video was taken during the Comox Valley Courtenay Herring season this year.  Stay tuned for updates from the Sitka Sac Roe Herring fishery coming later this month here on JuneauTek.com

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | How About a Game Of…


Well, I was supposed to make bridles for the purse rings that were 3 feet in length.  Of course, the captain meant a loop that stretched out to 3 feet!  That’s when serendipity hit me.  My captain asked, “What are these for?”  Without hesitation, I tossed the ring at the deck wench and it landed perfectly around the top horn of our shiny, newly painted deck wench.  That day, an incredible time waster was invented on the back deck!  The name has changed a few times and the first incarnation is something I wouldn’t repeat on this website.  Use your imagination and think of some other colorful names for the deck wench and you’ll be on the right track.  Over last summer,  we refined the game and the rules.  Presently, the game is called Deckboss.  Two Players line up  on the farthest opposite sides of the back deck (just in front of  the net).   Then, each player starts with 5 rings and plays until 15.  Scoring is easy, its 2 points for a top horn and 3 for the side and there you have it.  Also, player alternate each side after picking up the rings you just tossed.  Its a bit like darts…  I’ll be releasing a video edit of the game in process soon.

Catch The Action! | 2nd Annual Commercial Fishing Film Festival

Its time for the 2nd Annual Commercial Fishing Film Festival!  Last season was a great start to another fishing tradition.  This year there are over 100 unique video selections, separated into five different categories.   Over the next few weeks, the different categories will be showcased on new The Commercial Fishing Film Fest website.  This week, ByCatch, which is a mashup of strange, awe-inspiring, and funny fishing moments, will be the focus.  The rules are simple here.  All media must be uploaded within the past year on some public video forum, such as Youtube or Vimeo.   The Kickstarter page will launch later this week and more details about the contest will develop, as the month-long festival continues.  Enjoy the videos and I welcome any feedback.  Please direct your comments to facebook or twitter with the hashtag #comfishfilmfest.

Photo Dec 11, 10 50 11 PM (1)


California Market Squid Season

If this year is anything like the last few, it’s going to be a big squid season in California. In the past few seasons, squid fishermen have been able to catch their quota in record time. Its been a booming time for squid fishing.   With a harvest valued at 73 million dollars in 2010, it remains one of California’s most valuable fisheries.  This year is really just getting underway.   So far, commercial vessels have taken about 22 percent of the Total Allowable Catch.  However, the season was over by Nov. 18th last year.  Basically, its time to get in action.  Rumors are that a reality TV show is currently filming this seasons harvest, too.  Got any ideas what the show might be called?  Toss a few ideas on the facebook.  The pics are from my squid season in 2010 on the F/V Heavy Duty.


The Faces of California Fishing

Anyone have some squid gossip they want to share? Like what’s going on? I guess we are still in the Salmon mode in this house. AND I AM STILL LOOKING FOR SQUID FISHERMEN FOR THE MORRO BAY HARBOR FESTIVAL!!!