Salmon Seining Hits Primetime!

It appears that Alaska salmon seining is about to hit primetime. TLC is continuing the Alaska reality TV trend with a program called Hook, Line, and Sisters. This will be the first time that salmon seining is showcased in a series. Long before the TLC gig, the Anderson clan made quite a few waves in the Sitka Sac Roe Herring Fishery. In 2010, the F/V Shady Lady was involved in one of the biggest collisions in the history of the fishery. Here’s some footage from the smash and crash in 2010. Stay tuned in  up to the 30 second mark to see the bow to bow collision.

Now here is a video of the girls and there reaction to the rammin and jammin.

Looks like some serious damage. The cool part is that they got the set. This seems like a rough day on the water, huh? Well, it gets even crazier. At some point during the unload, the boat begins to roll over.

What a day? Luckily, the boat was tied to the tender and they were able to right the vessel once the herring was pumped out. So, that was the Shady Lady. Now, the boat is known as the Memry Anne. This year is Sitka, they got rammed again. Check here for Carnage In Sitka. I can’t help but wonder if they are targets or terrors. I guess the new show will fill in all the details. For more from Sierra and the Anderson clan check out her YouTube page at Sierragale85. Personally, it appears that Sierra has some pretty good video production skills herself. Check out TheRealAlaska to keep up with all their past and future projects.

I made a video of all the action that first opener in 2010. Enjoy. I can’t wait for Sitka.

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