Sitka Herring Update | 2011 Sitka Conflicts Settled In The Courtroom.

The Sitka Herring Sac Roe Fishery has produced some incredible headlines since the record breaking harvests in 2008.  In the years since, The Shady Lady rolled over in 2010 after an intense collision that occurred earlier that same day.  Then, in 2011, the Infinite Grace nearly sank because of broken rigging.  The close quarters fishery has it fair share if collisions.  However, no fisherman in his right mind would go looking for a collision.  In 2011, a collision between the Arctic Fox and the Talia landed the boat owners in court. Here is the rest of the story. I believe this is the video of the actual collision.  After the media, Deckboss shares the court details.

Deckboss | Every season, it seems, we see more and more evidence of Sitka’s cutthroat style of fishing, thanks to the proliferation of digital recording devices and YouTube videos.

Recently, we posted news on our sister blog, The Brig, that one seiner, Daniel Crome, had been charged with a misdemeanor in connection with a vessel collision last season.

Deckboss was curious to learn more about the case, so he requested copies of the charging documents from the Sitka court clerk.

As you will see, authorities had the benefit of audio and video recordings to make the case against Crome.

One wonders whether it’s time for changes at Sitka, to bring a bit more decorum into the fishery. And to reduce chances for a real tragedy.

: Overtaking, turning into, and colliding with….


  1. Video Opine: The Arctic Fox sees the Island Pride and Pacific Fisher headed straight for him, so decides to turn and assumed the Talia would move, but didn’t, by the time AF corrected course it was too late. AF intent wasn’t to hit the T, just get out of the way of oncoming traffic, but T was already in a set and focused on that, and AF misjudged, as opposed to hitting T on purpose. It boils down to intent, and neither the AF or T wanted this to happen, so that should be weighed by the Judge and the courts decision.

    PS. The screen shots are misleading in my opinion as it does not show the other 2 vessels heading straight at AF and the video ends before seeing the actions after the accident takes place.

  2. I have no bias in this matter. I’m simply putting the info out there. I work on these boats and I know that no captain wants a collision to happen. However, collisions do happen and damages can be very costly. What’s the solution? This matter has been settled in a court of law. Click thru to see the court docs from @Deckboss. Thanks for the interest.

  3. I looked at the documents on Deckboss and the DA charged Daniel with a misdemeanor, I don’t see the Judge’s ruling nor plea bargain, so I assume the matter may still be pending. If not, what was the courts judgement?

  4. It appears that the damages of the Talia were valued at 40,000 dollars. I believe the case was in favor of the Talia. The is because the Talia was setting the net, which gives them the right of way. The arctic fox had its gear on board.

  5. There is no ruling in the documents, just charges, I think there may have been a hearing on the 24th according to the charges, but nothing more.

  6. I wrote the article in response to the numerous searches for “Arctic Fox vs. Talia.” This is the only info I’ve found and I think the case has been settled in favor of the Talia. I’ll do some digging and see what I come up with today. You seem pretty interested in this matter. On a side note… Did you just buy the old Hertiage? I saw your pic by some Delta. Good luck with the new boat. I just want to make it clear that I’m not choosing sides on this issue.

  7. Jason I think you’re right. after reviewing other videos of this artcic fox was trying to get out of the way but the aluminum boat one of the ocean boats was in the way as well but not setting artci fox was most definitley limited in his ability to maouever and i think there needs to the other videos into light as this one scans off to the left so i say no case. we are talking 40k in damages but the risk of getting kicked out of the insurance pool if in one. these acts of tom foolery must come to an end! the fleet will be fishing for lawyers fees and cort costs, damaged vessels and gear who knows, maybe some day it will cause loss of life. I support the equal share fishery. we need to bring back fishing values instead of acting like a bunch of overcharged baboons all jacked up on horsepower turning sitka from a gentlemanly fishery to a smash and grab runaway train wreck fishery for little bit of money…..the time is to start thinking inside the box. vote for equal split in sitka.

  8. I thought the Shady Lady rolled over from drying up too fast while pumping off. Not from the collision?

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