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Well, I was supposed to make bridles for the purse rings that were 3 feet in length.  Of course, the captain meant a loop that stretched out to 3 feet!  That’s when serendipity hit me.  My captain asked, “What are these for?”  Without hesitation, I tossed the ring at the deck wench and it landed perfectly around the top horn of our shiny, newly painted deck wench.  That day, an incredible time waster was invented on the back deck!  The name has changed a few times and the first incarnation is something I wouldn’t repeat on this website.  Use your imagination and think of some other colorful names for the deck wench and you’ll be on the right track.  Over last summer,  we refined the game and the rules.  Presently, the game is called Deckboss.  Two Players line up  on the farthest opposite sides of the back deck (just in front of  the net).   Then, each player starts with 5 rings and plays until 15.  Scoring is easy, its 2 points for a top horn and 3 for the side and there you have it.  Also, player alternate each side after picking up the rings you just tossed.  Its a bit like darts…  I’ll be releasing a video edit of the game in process soon.

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