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Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | NOAA Status Of The Stocks 2014


Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Cape Caution | Sitka Herring 2014


The Cape Caution was in Sitka this spring too. Here’ you can see the vessel pumping a set of the F/V Shadowfax.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | “The Ghost Ship”

While recently exploring the harbors in Seattle, A friend and I heard of a decrepit vessel that local fishermen call the “Ghost Ship.” We couldn't help but explore the old vessel and snap a few paranormal shots. Although, we didn't encounter any creepy activity, the boat was truely disturbing.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | “Jay” Fisher Tribute

It’s hard to imagine that its been one full year since my good friend, Arthur “Jay” Fisher, passed away.  Jay was diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis, and has body just couldn’t fight the infection fast enough.  Last summer, The Kona Rose, which was one of Jay’s favorite boats to work on, escorted his ashes along the inside passage for one final trip to Baranof Island.  On a lucky fishing closure, we were all able to come together and remember a fellow fishermen’s passing.  The video is truly inspirational and a real labor of love from a long time friend.  Enjoy!

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Eddie Hayes | Dungy 2013


Dungeness season off the Oregon Coast is just getting started this time of year. Eddie Hayes delivers a super professional edit of the harsh conditions and long hours aboard the F/V Aleutians Isle. The weather looks less than enjoyable, but the payday is the key. Crew members can easily make 30,000 dollars in a winter season of crabbing. This film will be featured in the upcoming 2014 Commercial Fishing Film Festival. Check out http://www.fishfilmfest.com for all the latest details on the upcoming film tour.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | F/V Condor II

Ride aboard the Condor II and watch a typical day of grey skies and rainy fishing. This a a true representation on the crab grind!

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | World on Ice | Bering Sea Crabbing


King crabbing in 2009! Some days you just wish you had a job on shore…

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Winter Is Here In Alaska


The temps have dropped and the sun has gone on its usual winter hiatus. For those of you that don't know the winters in Alaska, I pray you never do. For all the souls that brave an Alaska winter, I wish you the best of luck. Being a transplant, I've never quite grown accustomed to the long periods of darkness, cold, rain and snow. For many fishermen its shore time. Longlining is over, the salmon are gone, and scant fisheries are still active. It's time to winterize the vessels and head home for the winter. Although, many of our bravest soldiers prepare for the long winter crab season in the Bering Sea and along the west coast. Cheers and good luck to all the able bodies on the water this season. I hope you find your way to your ultimate, warm, dry destination this winter. As for me, I will be strapping on the skis and and thinking very little of fishing… Until spring rolls around and I get to go to Sitka for herring.