The temps have dropped and the sun has gone on its usual winter hiatus. For those of you that don’t know the winters in Alaska, I pray you never do. For all the souls that brave an Alaska winter, I wish you the best of luck. Being a transplant, I’ve never quite grown accustomed to the long periods of darkness, cold, rain and snow. For many fishermen its shore time. Longlining is over, the salmon are gone, and scant fisheries are still active. It’s time to winterize the vessels and head home for the winter. Although, many of our bravest soldiers prepare for the long winter crab season in the Bering Sea and along the west coast. Cheers and good luck to all the able bodies on the water this season. I hope you find your way to your ultimate, warm, dry destination this winter. As for me, I will be strapping on the skis and and thinking very little of fishing… Until spring rolls around and I get to go to Sitka for herring.


Written by JuneauTek

Commercial Fishing Along The Pacific West Coast


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