Dutch Harbor Update | The Future Of The Deadliest Catch

Photo May 30, 3 21 50 PM

As the blue and red king crab season comes to a conclusion on season 9 of the Deadliest Catch, many questions arise about the future of the younger generation of crab harvesters.  Jake Anderson is leaving the nest of the F/V Northwestern for the decks of the F/V Kiska Sea in hopes of running the vessel on his own someday.  Discovery confirms that the Kiska Sea will be a new boat on the Deadliest Catch this season for snow crab season.  Details of the Captain and Crew can be found here.   Scott Hillstrand also wants to find a place in the captain’s chair.  As for the Harris brothers, the Cornelia Marie is back in the hands of the family.  Jake and Josh were able to buy the commanding shares of the boat this spring.  However, the boat has been dormant since the last blue crab endeavor nearly two seasons ago, so there will be a ton of work to get the boat in ship shape again.  It appears the future of the Deadliest Catch is a bright and full of young ambitious faces.

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