Dutch Harbor Update | King Crab Pots Splash In The Bering Sea

The Bering Sea King Crab Fishery starts at high noon this Monday on the 15th of October. Actually, Snow crab,  Blue crab and King crab open at the same time this season. The blue crab quota is slightly smaller than last year, so many captains will have to decide which species to harvest first. The deadline for snow crab harvesting extends way into May.  King crab ends in Feburary, which is why these species are typically fished first.  Overall, 118 vessels will be participating  in this season’s fishery.  Two of those vessels will be new to the Deadliest Catch. Wild Bill from the F/V Kodiak will be operating the F/V Cape Caution this year and Elliot Neese from the F/V Rambling Rose purchased the F/V Saga. The Saga actually appeared in the first season of Deadliest Catch, so she’s no rookie to the Bering Sea.   The weather is always the main factor in this dangerous fishery.   NOAA states that Arctic Ice levels are at a record low this year.  However, last season the Bering Sea froze solid for the first time since the 70’s.  The current forecast calls for 30 kt. Winds and 12 foot seas, with mixed rain. Sounds like great crabbing weather! So, fresh King Crab will be  hitting the stores by the end of the week.  Order now in time for the holidays!  Check out the awesome crabbing footage supplied by KC Dochtermann from last years opilio fishery. I also included some tweets from the crabbing fleet. Good luck to all of the captains and crew participating in this year’s fishery!  Stay Frosty!





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  2. How long per year do the boats actually fish ? Are the same boats used for other types of fishing ? How long per year do the deckhands work on the boats ? I enjoy the program, and understand the ice condition I was in the Antarctic area 1958 /1959 / 1960 breaking ice.

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