Fishtory | Magnetic North: Nathan Jackson

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Nathan Jackson was born August 29, 1938, into the Sockeye Clan on the Raven side of the Chilkoot-Tlingit tribe in southeastern Alaska. After completing his military service in Germany in 1959, Jackson started carving miniature totem poles during a bout with pneumonia that diverted him from his commercial fishing activities. He discovered that he had a talent for carving and painting and attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to hone his skills. His work includes large totem poles, wood panel clan crests, masks, canoes, carved doors, and small items such as formline bracelets in silver and gold. His work is found in many museums in the United States and abroad. Magnetic North: Nathan Jackson is part of a documentary film project produced by Alaska Humanities Forum in partnership with Rasmuson Foundation. The series explores the personality and character of six Alaskans whose actions and ideas have shaped the history, spirit, and values of our state. Collectively, they challenge preconceived notions of the Last Frontier, promote a richer understanding of its unique identity, and speak to our shared experience of life in contemporary Alaska. The films are written and directed by Marla Williams who has led filming projects in more than 100 communities across the state. Her work has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN and the Discovery Channel, as well as PBS.

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