Internet ByCatch | Behemoth Squid Egg

Via YouTube:

A team of divers filmed a rare glimpse of a huge transparent egg sac containing hundreds of thousands of baby squid. The stunning underwater video was filmed by Ronald Raasch, 48, as he was diving with two other team-members from the research vessel REV Ocean in the cold waters outside Ørsta, Norway. On October 5, the team of divers was swimming back to shore after visiting a WWII shipwreck about 200 metres from the coast, when they had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a mysterious object. Floating 17 metres below the surface and 15 metres above the ocean floor, was a giant transparent orb which the divers quickly identified as a 10-armed squid’s egg sac.

Nature never fails to impress with this otherworldly display of a massive squid egg.  The story went viral this past fall and the video is still traded around the internet daily. Science Alert sums of the phenomenon here.

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