Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Anacortes, Salmon And The Meaning Of Wealth

The little city of Anacortes owes much of its history and culture to the wealth represented by salmon. The Coast Salish people were the original salmon fishermen in the area that became Anacortes. The Samish lived within the future city limits and the Swinomish lived in the surrounding areas of Fidalgo Island. In addition to fishing for their own needs, the Samish and Swinomish traded surplus smoked salmon and clams with other Coast Salish people and with tribes from the interior. As Europeans and Americans arrived, the Indians supplied the newcomers with fish as well. In these vignettes from John Sabella’s documentary Anacortes, The Perfect Port, Salish historian Larry Campbell talks about native culture and offers a surprising interpretation of the meaning of wealth. View the full documentary on Pay Per View for as little as $4.95:…

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