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Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Twas The Night Before Christmas And I Was Lonely At Sea

I think of this poem every holiday season. My thoughts and understanding go out to all men and women at sea this Christmas. I hope this poem brings a smile to your face. Merry Fishmas!

Dutch Harbor Update | King Crab Season 2013


Government shutdowns, ocean acidification, huge ice pack predictions, and no Cordelia Marie on the Deadliest Catch.  The upcoming King Crab season is off to a bumpy start this year.  Most crab fishermen are on route as of this post.  October 15th is the official opening date, but the recent government shutdown won’t allow federal organizations to issue IFQ to the skippers, which could have many fishermen sitting at the docks wasting time and money.  The Coast Guard is also affected by our government’s ineptitude.  Standard issued Coast Guard safety exams are limited due to the lack of government funding.

Other recent news articles point to the increasing acidification of our oceans, which have the harshest effects on crustaceans.  The increased acidity hinders creatures ability to  grow strong outer shells.  Its unlikely, that the effect of ocean acidification will affect fishermen this season, but its an issue that weighs heavily on the minds of crabbers.  Especially, in light of the recent oyster disaster on the Pacific west coast.

Arctic Ice has been a major problem for crabbers the past two seasons.  The ice pack devastated the Bering Sea in 2012 and the predictions are looking pretty grim for the upcoming opilio crab, aka snow crab,  season in January.  Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find links for extra reading materials on these subjects and more.  Also check out the twitter posts from the captains and crew of the Deadliest Catch for their latest updates from the sea.

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Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Anacortes, Salmon And The Meaning Of Wealth


The little city of Anacortes owes much of its history and culture to the wealth represented by salmon. The Coast Salish people were the original salmon fishermen in the area that became Anacortes. The Samish lived within the future city limits and the Swinomish lived in the surrounding areas of Fidalgo Island. In addition to fishing for their own needs, the Samish and Swinomish traded surplus smoked salmon and clams with other Coast Salish people and with tribes from the interior. As Europeans and Americans arrived, the Indians supplied the newcomers with fish as well. In these vignettes from John Sabella's documentary Anacortes, The Perfect Port, Salish historian Larry Campbell talks about native culture and offers a surprising interpretation of the meaning of wealth. View the full documentary on Pay Per View for as little as $4.95: https://www.johnsabella.com/detail.la…

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Pacific Belle | Harris Harbor




Winter time in the harbor can be a lonely place for fishermen.  I snapped a few shots this season as boats prepared for the Southeast Brown King Crab Fishery.  So far, the fishery has been a bit slow, but fishermen were lucky enough to have a great stretch of sunny weather.  The ex vessel price for crab is about 10 bucks a pound and the average crab is about 10 pounds, so every crab is like a hundred dollar bill.


American Fisherman | F/V Pillar Bay | Boat Cribs

Jason Crosby keeps delivering the sickest vids ever.  This was shot during the recent herring fishing in Sitka.  We had a little time on our hands this year.  Alright, enough chatter.  Check out the video…

American Fisherman | F/V Debra D | Boat Cribs

Jason Crosby, a  multi-generational fisherman and a mini media mogul has just released the newest video in his Youtube quiver.  He recently broke 1,000,000 hits on his youtube channel for the series, American Fishermen.   Here’s a link to his popular youtube page.  Make sure to check out his various videos from multiple fisheries.  Red War (jump) is a must see about Halibut fishing.  Bloody Hell, describes it best.  If that’s not enough, be sure to check out Jason and his family as they restore a classic fishing vessel,the F/VGenius in Gig Harbor.  Old boats can be a real headache and a huge expense.  Check in with Jason and crew at his GoFundMe page.  So, set back and enjoy the video.



Fish Tech | The Fishermen Friendly iPad Navigation App

I doubt that any commercial fishing vessel would rely on simply an ipad to navigate the boat.  However, it looks like the iPad could be useful on the vessel for something else than just streaming video. With AIS, GPS, and Wifi, you can easily turn that tech toy into a piece of hardened marine equipment.  I highly suggest the Lifeproof iPhone or Ipad case before you decide to bring the iDevice to the fishing grounds.  There are a number of different navigation apps for the iPad and iNavX rises to the top with easy chart downloads, AIS compatibility, and easy waypoint execution.  The key here is the ability to download raster charts, the ones that look just like the old paper ones, directly to the iDevice as needed.  The app will recognize your position and recommend charts in that area.  Once the charts are downloaded, you can use the app offline.  There are other apps for marine navigation, such as, Navionics and Navimatics.  These apps sell for much cheaper, but you are stuck with proprietary charts that only work in that program.  iNavX is a whopping 50 bucks on the app store and its a great purchase.  You won’t need any other marine app on your boat, though.  If you are a Mac guy, there is iNavX laptop software for Mac OSX.

Ports of Call | Seattle, WA Fisherman’s Terminal

This massive port is home to over 600 boats, supplies over 10,000 jobs, and contains the majority of the Pacific fishing fleet.  Its a world within its self, just nestled across from historic Ballard.  The port facilitates nearly every ever fishery from trawlers to trollers.  At any time of the year, you could easily wander down and find someone grinding, painting, or mending.  This is also a great hub for any hopeful greenhorns who want to make their way to Alaska.  The offices for most of the main processors such as Ocean Beauty and Trident are located close by and provide access to many of the factory processing jobs.  The added benefit of keeping your boat in fresh water over the winter is a huge draw, but it means you must traverse the Ballard Locks to get back to the sea.  Overall, the Fisherman‘s terminal is an icon of America‘s fishing fleet.  If your reading this blog, I’m pretty sure you have been there once or twice.  If not, it’s worth a stroll.