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Well, it’s that time of year. In the honor of the season, I’ll be highlighting some freaky stories about cryptozoology and alaskan folklore. Recently, the interwebs have exploded with the discovery of a large eyeball off the coast of Flordia. It’s likely a giant squid or swordfish, but many theories have popped up along the net. What you think it is?



The mystery over a massive eyeball discovered on the Florida coast continues.

Scientists now seem to disagree over whether the mysterious eyeball belongs to a massive swordfish or a giant squid.

The eyeball, discovered by a Florida beachcomber, has left scientists around the region stunned and puzzled over its origins. The plate-size eyeball is in near pristine condition and remains under study by the state’s agency tasked with studying such specimen.

While the story seemed ripe for conspiracy theories, in a statement released through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Facebook page, the commission confirmed the story, saying the eyeball is currently under study.

via Swordfish or giant squid? Mysterious eyeball continues to puzzle scientists | The Bell Jar.

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