Get In Gear | Behold, The XtraTuf II

Change is something that fishermen rarely like to deal with. Yet, one of the most time honored and classic elements of commercial fishing is changing. Yes, the XtraTuf II is here! Muck boots, known for their comfort, have teamed up with the classic XtraTuf to offer more stability and a better overall feel. The ironic part of that the XtraTuf website mentions nothing of these. The boots were on display at the Pacific Marine Expo and the added stability was very noticeable. To anyone that has ever rolled their ankle in a pair of XtraTufs, you will appreciate the new design. So, where can you find a pair of these fancy new icons of the fishing world. LFS Marine has these babies ready for preorder (here) on their website. The only problem is that the boots won’t be available until the end of July! Come on, XtraTuf! This does not seem very thought thru. Well, whenever they get here, will fishermen even use them? What do you think?


Introducing Xtratuf II, the next-generation Xtratuf boot – The Xtratuf proven no-slip sole on the outside and the MUCK Boot™ comfort and warmth on the inside. Feel your best even when the weather’s at its worst.


• Oil resistant rubber

• 5mm CR foam bootie is lightweight and flexible

• Airmesh lining for air circulation

• X-Stabilizer for additional lateral support at foot and ankle

• Slip-resistant Chevron outsole and heel provide sure-gripping traction on slick footings

• 100% waterproof

• Supportive heel counters reduce heel slippage and provide form-fitting comfort

• Removable 6mm NITRACEL™ EVA insole for additional support and slipper-soft molded comfort in the footbed

via XtraTuf II 16″ Copper Tan Neoprene Boots – 22275G.

5 thoughts on “Get In Gear | Behold, The XtraTuf II”

  1. I am thrilled! I love Muck and Bog boots but want the stability and non slip of the Xtratuff. I know a lot of people who can’t wear the Xtratuffs for one reason or another. I am sorry that they are made in China but that isn’t always horrible. I am getting these!!!


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