Pickled King Crab? | Alaska Symphony Of Seafood 2012

This year the event has even more contestants.  I’m still hoping that they come to Juneau again.  Last year, was a great experience and the turnout was huge.  I know… I know…  We are only the capital of Alaska.  No way the contest should come here.  No details have been set, but last year it was in March, so let’s hope for the best.  Click here to see last year’s event.  The new list of entries for 2012 follows the slideshow.  Pickled Crab, anyone?

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New Products Contest Entrants

Retail Category:

Wild Alaskan Salmon Cajun Rice Dressing by Louvier’s

Pickled Willys Alaska Sockeye Salmon by Pickled Willys LLC

Echo Falls Sockeye Salmon Pinwheels by Ocean Beauty Seafoods

Trident Lemon Pepper Salmon by Trident Seafoods Corporation

Pickled Willys Alaska Ling Cod by Pickled Willys LLC

Tracy’s Alaskan King Carb Bisque by Tracy’s King Crab Shack

Aqua Cuisine Naturally Smoked Salmon Frank by AquaCuisine

Foodservice Category:

Wild Alaskan Salmon Cajun Rice Dressing Croquette by Louvier’s

Trident Cheddar Crumb Encrusted Pollock by Trident Seafoods Corporation

Ivory King Salmon Sashimi by Triad Fisheries Ltd.

Sweet Potato Crunch Alaska Pollock Sticks by American Pride Seafoods

Pickled Willys Alaska King Crab by Pickled Willys LLC

Smoked Products Category:

Old Style Smoked Yukon Keta by Kwik’pak Fisheries, LLC

Trident Wild Alaskan Smoked King Salmon; Troll-Caught; Cater-Cut by Trident Seafoods Corporation

Garlic and Pepper Infused Smoked Yukon Keta by Kwik’pak Fisheries, LLC

Smoked Yukon Keta Candy by Kwik’pak Fisheries, LLC

Kylee’s Alaskan Salmon Bacon by Tustumena Smoke House

Traditional Yukon Keta Strips by Kwik’

via Alaska Symphony of Seafood® – Inspiring better use of Alaska’s natural seafood resource.

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