Internet Bycatch | Behold… The GutMaster8000

Truly amazing!  The marketing campaign obviously spent a ton of time of the naming this beast.  It’s truly a thing of beauty.  It kinda looks like a shuttle.  Check out the video that follows.  I can’t embed the video.  Make sure to click thru to see it in action.  The soundtrack is choice!

The fish are fed into the machine from a conveyor. The Gutmaster’s feeding mechanism hooks each fish as it arrives, which ensures each one is seated properly for maximum efficiency. The fish then passes through a series of automated knives, which slit its belly before a suction gun slurps out its entrails. A set of brushes then sweep out any remaining bits. Once cleaned, the fish passes through the beheading unit and is decapitated. If it’s roe season, the machine can be adjusted to eliminate the guts without damaging the roe sack, which is then removed by hand.

The Gutmaster8000 can process up to 30 fish a minute ranging in size from 1.5-8 kg. The entire process is controlled by a single worker from a touch screen at the front of the machine. This reduces the needed labour force and protects workers from the dangerous — potentially asthma-inducing — fish protein aerosols released when cleaning fish.

via How To Disembowel 30 Salmon In Under A Minute | Gizmodo Australia.

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