Dutch Harbor Update | Deadliest Catch Ready For 2012 Opener

The snow crab season is about to start up north in the Bering Sea. The season is technically open, but the crews are taking a break for the holiday season.  Crabbers are beginning to migrate back to Dutch to start the opilio season, which has a great quota this year. The King crab season quota was smaller, but the price of King Crab is at its highest ever. The snow crab is expected to fetch a record price this season, as well.
I’ve included some tweets from the DC crew. The photos are courtesy of Dutch harbor dirt. These photos were taken over the recent holiday. Make sure to check the Dutch Harbor cam for all the latest dock action in Dutch.



  1. I hope there will be a 2012. I admire all the crews . I met the Time Bandit Captains when they came to Sarasota, Fl I hope they come back July 4 ,2012 .Also they brought their captain of a great speed boat

  2. wtf? ive been waiting an f ing year!!!you guys need to get back on the air!!!
    jack from des moines iowa!!!

  3. UGH!!! What date does this years season start airing? I haven’t found it yet…I’m having DC withdrawls!!!! I NEED A DC FIX!!!

  4. really looking forward to the new season, they fell like part of my family, I really miss all of them…

  5. Can’t wait for the new season to start. Just found out that Cornelia Marie is dry docked for the season and the Harris brothers are on different boats. I HOPE that one of them got on the Time Bandit.

  6. I’m surprised to hear there’ll be a 2012 series. I didn’t get the impression that the network was making a push to advertise and 11 season and until last night I’ve herard. My wife informed me that there would be no 12 season this year.

    Mark McDonald

  7. We are all waiting for the new Deadliest Catch…it is so great. Wouldn’t want to be there, but love to watch. Go Sig!

  8. I can’t wait until & the new season to start!!! I feel like it’s been FOREVER!!!!…I hope all you captains & crews are doing well (esp Jonathan & Andy…sorry but they’re my FAVS!!!)…I think of you all often esp with the recent huge amts of snow & then the earthquake on top of that! 🙁 ….and I’d like to know when this year’s Catch Con will be because I really want to go, but I need to request that weekend off!!!…PLEASE someone let me know!

    Love & Miss you guys!!


  9. totally pumped for the new season to start it cant come soon enough! Go Time Bandit!!! Love it!

  10. Come on lets get back to work and but the show back on the air.. We miss this show it is the BEST show every and I can’t wait to see it back on.. Miss you Phil and rest in pease you where the BEST and the Boys will do right by you .. Lets make the season longer please , come people tell them to make it longer .. Bless The Deadliest Catch and all that rides these boats.. The man that dose this job are at the top of the list for being good men.
    .Thank You God Bless Carol H. Danville Pa.

  11. If the Cornelia Marie is dry docked, I hope Josh is with the Hilstrans on the Time Bandit and Jake is on the North Western with tough ol’ Sid and his buddy Jake Anderson. I think they would both benefit from that. I miss Captain Phil.

  12. I’m a Crayfisherman from Geraldton Western Australia and been watchn since the very start absalutly luv the show

  13. Luv the show addicted to it I’m a Crayfisherman from Geraldton Western Australia can’t wait for season8

  14. Would like to know how to get hired for any boat out there?plz reply.thanks.

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