Internet Bycatch | Unalaska Police Blotter – Deadliest Catch Update

Sometimes, it can get a little crazy in the winter in Alaska.  I hope all parties involved find a peaceful solution.

Unalaska Police Blotter, 11 through 18 December, 2011

20:57, Feleti “Freddie” Maugatai Jr., of Unalaska, was arrested on one count of Assault IV after Maugatai placed a man in a headlock and then shoved the man’s wife away when she attempted to intervene.

via Unalaska Police Blotter, 11 through 18 December, 2011.


  1. LoL, Freddie is a good guy, me thinks the other guy had it coming. Better be glad Freddie’s wife was not there or she would have taken care of the other guy’s wife. LoL.

  2. I agree. I’m sure that the DC boys have to deal with a lot of drunk jerks. Hopefully, this won’t cause to many problems for the Samoan crab slayer.

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