The “Superbowl of Seining” Hits TLC Primetime.

One of Alaska‘s most awesome fisheries found its way to primetime last night on TLC.  The new reality show will primarily focus on the commercial salmon season in Chignik, AK.  However, the chaos of the Sitka Sac Roe Herring Fishery was showcased in the pilot episode.   BBC, Nat Geo, and Discovery have all filmed the fishery in the past, but the sheer number of boats and the level of intensity is always a spectacle.  Last night’s ramming and jamming on Hook, Line, and Sisters is proof that the fishery is full of surprises.  The herring quota is expected to be huge this year and I can’t wait…

“What is the biggest herring set of 2010?”
That’s the most popular search term hitting the website right now.
I don’t have an official answer for this, but maybe we can get some feedback and figure it out.  I’m going to call this section #docktalk!  Comment here, or Tweet to #docktalk if you have any info. (Insert fishermen speculation) The best that I heard last year was from the F/V Lady Brenda, which had a set that was over 400 tons.  I also believe that the F/V Mickey H had a huge one.  The real story is the old tale of the fish that got away.  The F/V Arctic Fox had a monster set that they were not able to keep.  I have an aerial shot from @haulinggear that shows what looks to be a 600 ton set.  Check out my updates from last years fishery here.


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