Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Lake Bay | An Original Delta

Alright, we have our first user submitted POTD from Bob Poor, the legendary skiff man of the F/V Lake Bay. Obviously, Bob snapped this one while side towing just outside Hiddle Falls this past summer. As the story goes, the Lake Bay was one of the four original Delta seiners. Can anyone else name the others? Thanks, Bob for a sweet shot. It brings back memories of Sitka herring in 2007, when I was lucky enough to shuffle around on deck in rubber clothes.


  1. I always heard that it was the Bay boats. Lake Bay, Glacier Bay, Pillar Bay, and the Botany Bay. I’ll check my facts, though.

  2. Sounds like the Delta Dawn was an anniversary boat… Facebook is going bonkers. I’ll get back to know when we get a concensus

  3. lakebay was #1 a prototype I believe. my grandfather gene gilbertsen was the very first man to run the lakebay or any delta for that matter

  4. as far as the delta dawn it was the 50th boat built(anniversary edition)

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